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Taxis in Rome Italy

Updated: December 26, 2023

Taking a taxi in Rome is much like using one in many other countries, with a few key differences that we explain in this post.

Once you know how the taxi system works, you should have no problem taking taxis if you want to!

In this post, we go over how to get a taxi, costs, tipping, fares to airports, avoiding scams, using apps, and more.

The information is based on first-hand experiences from our local tour guides in Rome who have used taxis over the years.

Having visited Rome myself several times, my insights are also included.

Also, we listened to advice from the more than 4,000 members of our Rome Travel Tips Facebook Group made up of locals and travelers eager to share their experiences.

Getting a Taxi in Rome

First things first - taxis in Rome operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

That’s not to say that you will always be able to get one immediately, but there are always taxis available.

So now, how do you get one?

Taxi Stands 

In Rome, it isn't the norm to wave down a taxi in the street. You can try it, but it’s much easier to get one at an official taxi at a taxi stand (also called a taxi rank).

Taxi stands are located throughout the city and at airports. You can identify a taxi stand by a large orange sign with the word TAXI.

Taxis will be lined up waiting for a customer. Stand in line and when it is your turn, head to the cab at the head of the line.

The only taxis waiting at the stands are official taxis licensed by the Rome City Council. They are white with a TAXI sign on the roof of the car.

Also, the Rome City Council's shield and the taxi license number are displayed on the car's front doors and inside the vehicle.

The taxi license number is on the doors, on the back of the car, and inside of the car.

There are hundreds of taxi stands in Rome and almost always at the most popular locations in Rome. (See a list of some locations below).

Using a Taxi App

Apps are a great way to get a taxi and know in advance how much your ride will be. You may already be familiar with apps. 

The apps available in Rome work in the same way. Apps are quite popular with locals and they are super easy to use. 

Just create your profile and add a credit card that will be used to pay for your rides when the ride is complete. Taxis ordered through apps do not take cash.

The top three apps are FreeNow, It Taxi, and Uber. 

All three are easy to use and recommended by both our local tour guides and hundreds of Rome tourists like Grace and Marchelle wrote on our Rome Travel Tips Facebook Group.

itTaxi is a super easy app to use and is available in English. It is available throughout Italy.

Just like Uber, you download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, create a profile and enter your payment information.

When you are ready to request a taxi, enter your address. If you don't know exactly where you are, the app uses geolocating to find you at your point of departure.

When the ride is complete, you pay for the ride. You can pay with the payment method you entered into your profile.

The app accepts credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, and Apple Pay.

FreeNow operates the same as it Taxi. A nice plus is that it is available in over 150 European cities if you are traveling beyond Rome.

Uber in Rome does not offer the basic level of service. Uber only operates UberVAN, and two levels of luxury services - UberBLACK, and UberLUX.

UberVan services will come in handy if you are traveling with a large group or if you have a lot of luggage.

Calling For a Taxi

While there are several taxi services to call, we highly recommend that you call the official Rome City Council taxi. The number is +39 060609. 

It’s important to note that the taxi meter starts running from the time that the taxi is dispatched to meet you. 

If you call for a taxi, there is an additional initial fee of €4.

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Taxi In Rome?

Here we are writing only about official taxis, as taxi apps have their own fare structure.

The cost of your taxi ride will depend on several factors.


Taxi fares in Rome vary by day, time of day, and the distance/speed of the taxi. There is also an initial fixed fee.

Initial fee

  • Weekdays (from 6 am to 10 pm) €3
  • Night (from 10 pm to 6 am) €7
  • Sundays and public holidays (from 6 am to 10 pm) €5

Meter fare

This will seem confusing at first, but read through this explanation and it should make sense.

In addition to the initial fee, the meter rate (tariff) is based on traveling speed and distance.

When the taxi is moving at less than 20 km/hr (approx 12.5 mph) or standing still, the rate is €28 per hour or roughly €0.46 per minute.

When the taxi is moving at a speed of more than 20 km per hour (approx. 12.6 mph), then you begin paying by distance, not by time.

The tariff progresses through 3 tariff rates throughout your ride as you travel farther. It works as follows:

When your ride starts, the Tariff 1 rate is €1,14 per km.

Once the meter has clocked €11 € on top of the initial fee, the fare rate changes to the Tariff 2 rate and you will pay €1,35 €/km.

Then when the meter has clocked an additional €13, on top of the initial fee and the above-mentioned €11€, the Tariff 3 rate of €1,66 €/km kicks in for the remainder of the ride.

In general, your taxi fare within the Aurelian Walls (the ancient wall surrounding Rome that is used as an official city boundary), your ride should not cost more than €10-€15.

Map of Rome within the Aurelian Walls

Tariff prices may change, but you can check the Rome Tourism taxi information for updated information.

Extra Charges and Reduced Fares

Number of passengers: Most taxis in Rome fit 4 passengers, not including the driver. 

If your group has more than 4 passengers, there is a charge of €1 for each additional passenger.

Some larger vehicles can fit more people, but you shouldn't expect to find one easily. Instead, use an app and request a taxi that will fit the number of people in your group.

If you have more than 4 people in your party, you should use an app.

Luggage: The first piece of luggage is free of charge. Each piece of luggage after that will cost €1.

To/From Termini Station: There is an extra €2 fee.

Reduced Fares: There is a 10% reduction of the amount displayed on the taximeter for:

  • for women traveling alone at night 
  • rides to hospitals

Ask the driver to make sure the discount is in effect.

How Do I Pay For My Taxi and Do I Tip?

You can pay with a credit card as, according to the law, official taxis must have a POS machine.

But drivers prefer cash, so don't be surprised if your taxi driver tells you that the credit card machine is out of order. 

This is a scam you may encounter, as we explain below

You can also pay in cash, but we recommend that you carry small bills and coins in case a less-than-honest driver says they cannot break a big bill with the intent of keeping the remainder of the big bill.

You can become familiar with using Euros in Italy, including exchange rates and other tips from our post, What is the Currency in Rome, Italy.


It’s not customary nor obligatory to tip a taxi driver in Rome, though tipping is creeping slowly into the taxi culture.

Your driver won't expect a tip. It’s up to you if you want to give a small gratuity on top of the fare.

Drivers who provide excellent service like helping with your bags or being friendly will appreciate a tip.

If you are happy with your driver, you can round up the fare on the meter as a tip. Or if you have cash handy, give a small bill or several coins to round up the fare to an even number.

On the other hand, if your driver is rude or provides unsatisfactory service, don’t tip. Even if you feel pressure to do so.

Taxis Between Rome and the Airports

At both Rome Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport, you’ll find official taxi stands outside terminal arrivals. 

At Fiumicino, the taxi stands are at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. At Ciampino, the taxi stand is just outside the arrival terminal.

Once on the line, taxi service operators with badges will direct you to the first available taxi. Remember you only want the official white taxis.

All official taxis in Rome have set rates for travel to and from the airports.

  • Fiumicino to address within the Aurelian Walls: €50
  • Fiumicino to/from Castello della Magliana: €31
  • Fiumicino to/from Nuova Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre: €26
  • Fiumicino to/from Tiburtina Station: €57
  • Fiumicino to/from Ostiense Station: €47
  • Fiumicino to/from Port of Civitavecchia: €125
  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Ciampino Airport: €52
  • Fiumicino to/from Ostia Lido Centro: €24
  • Ciampino to address within the Aurelian Walls: €31
  • Ciampino to/from the Tiburtina train station: €36
  • Ciampino to/from the Ostiense train station: €31

You may find that using one of the taxi apps is more convenient for you, but the rates aren't regulated by the Rome City Council so may be a lot more expensive.

For all options to get from the airports into the city, including public transportation options, apps, and private car service, see our posts:

Haven't booked your trip yet? Our post Which Airport in Rome Is Best? Fiumicino vs. Ciampino can help you decide where to fly into.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Taxi

First off we must say that most Italian taxi drivers are looking to rip you off! But it is better to know what to do and not to in advance to avoid being scammed.

Next, this section refers only to the official white taxis. The precise taxi app system prevents drivers from getting around the rules.

1. Make sure the meter is turned on.

Always make sure that the taxi meter is turned on once you enter the taxi, and not before. 

The meter is located above the instrument panel or in the upper part of the front window.

If the driver starts driving and the meter is not turned on, tell them to please start the meter.

If your driver doesn't speak English, you can say in Italian “Usa il contatore, per favore”.

2.  Beware of a driver quoting you a flat fee.

Official taxis use meters. Locals know this, but new travelers to Rome may not.
Don’t let what happened to this member of Rome & Italy Travel Facebook Group.

If the driver tries to quote you a flat rate, let them know that you are expecting a metered ride. 

3. Make sure that the credit card POS machine is working.

Drivers prefer cash so they may tell you falsely that the credit card machine is out of order. If this happens, tell the driver you have no cash. 

If the driver says they will drive you to an ATM, tell them your card doesn't work at Italian ATMs.

Magically, the credit card machine will suddenly work!

4. Know the approximate route to your destination.

Drivers might want to take the long way around to run up the meter. 

It can't hurt to familiarize yourself with the shortest route. Use your phone’s mapping app.

5. Always ask for the receipt to be issued

It is always good to have a receipt, should you feel that you have been overcharged. Your receipt should indicate the route, the license number, and the amount paid.

In case you do have a problem and want to pursue it, you can make a report through the website

If it isn't a huge deal, skip the complaint, and enjoy your valuable time in Rome instead!

Do Italian Taxi Drivers Speak English?

Some do though there is no guarantee your driver will. 

We suggest that you have your destination written down on a piece of paper or on your phone to show your driver.

You can also use a translation app. Check out this basic list of Italian phrases to know when taking a taxi.

Additional Suggestions

Before hopping in a taxi, consider taking public transportation. It's straightforward and will be cheaper than taking a taxi.

Take a look at our post on Using Rome’s Metro System.

As locals who know how incredibly beautiful our city is, we think you should consider walking between destinations when they aren't very far apart.

Rome is best enjoyed on foot!

Why not join us on one of our free walking tours of Rome or enjoy our free self-guided walks or our audio tours of the city?

Our Ancient Rome Tour is a two-hour free walking tour that covers most ancient locations in the city.

The tour starts from Trajan’s Column near the Forum (nearest taxi rank is at Piazza Venezia).

Map of Popular Rome Attractions and the Nearest Taxi Rank/Stand

Click on the map to enlarge it
  1. Vatican
  2. Castel Sant’Angelo
  3. Villa Borghese
  4. Spanish Steps at Piazza di Spagna
  5. Basilica San Silvestro in Capite
  6. Trevi Fountain
  7. Piazza Navona
  8. Campo de' Fiori
  9. Pantheon
  10. Trastevere
  11. Forum and Piazza Venezia
  12. Trajan's Column
  13. Colosseum
  14. Rome Termini Station
  15. Pyramid of Caius Cestius and Piazzale Ostiense
  16. Via Appia

Here is a complete list of all taxi stands in Rome.

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