The Ministry of Magic

In the world of Harry Potter, the Ministry of Magic is the governing body of the magical community in the United Kingdom. Since so much of the Ministry of Magic is based on the realities of our world, it means there’s quite a bit to see for Potter lovers who are visiting us here in London! From locations mentioned in the book to filming locations, there’s a lot of the Ministry of Magic to be discovered!  The Ministry of Magic is a stop on our pay-what-you-like Harry Potter Film Location Tour.  We also have more in-depth posts on finding the most sought after locations, including Diagon Alley, Platform 9 3/4, and Borough Market (the Leaky Cauldron).

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Where is the Ministry?

Like their Muggle counterparts based at the Houses of Parliament and on Whitehall, the Ministers have their offices in the Westminster area of London. It is along Whitehall itself where the Ministry of Magic is located – just as the Government of the United Kingdom is primarily based on this single road.

Potter lovers will also know that when looking through the security gates at the end of Downing Street, they are also looking at the connection between the muggle and wizarding governing bodies! There is a portrait hanging in Number 10 Downing Street where the Minister for Magic can communicate to his Muggle counterpart, the Prime Minister. 



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Which Tube Station Was Featured?

Westminster! In the book, Harry has to coach Mr. Weasley through the ticket barriers at the Underground station they visit on the way to the Ministry. In the film, however, they both make it through smoothly!

The scene in the movie was really recorded here inside this Westminster Station. London Underground very rarely allows filming on the Underground network but when they were approached by the crew behind the Harry Potter films they gave their consent! So now we can go through the same barriers Harry did on the way to his first visit to the Ministry.


ministry of magic locations in london


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Entrance to the Ministry of Magic

The entrance to the Ministry is located inside a classic red telephone box on the corner of Entrance to the Ministry of MagicGreat Scotland Yard. At this spot, you will find the exteriors used for the Ministry of Magic during filming for the Polyjuice potion scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Shots taken here are also used for the trip that Mr. Weasley and Harry Take in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In the books – and the films – there is a red telephone box outside the Ministry of Magic that wizards use to access the Ministry. From the phone box one must dial ‘62442’ and the phone booth acts as a lift, taking visitors down underneath the ground to the Ministry. The red phone box used in the film was actually a prop brought in specifically for shooting so sadly, no journeys to the Ministry can be made any longer!


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