Uber | The Best Way to Get Around DC

Washington, DC is fortunate to have a great public transportation system, making it quite easy to get around the city. Between the  metro, bus system, and Capital Bikeshare, traveling throughout DC — and to neighboring Virginia and Maryland — can be fairly simple. However, metro track work and traffic can cause major delays, and the elevated cost of paper metro cards can really add up. Fortunately there is a new alternative on the market.

Uber is a car-sharing service that operates like a taxi, but is safer, cheaper, and more reliable.  With just one click, guests can request an Uber driver to arrive at a specific location and with a specific type of vehicle. The cost of sharing an Uber for a family or group of friends is often less than the combined cost of individual metro or bus fares. In addition, Uber is 18% cheaper than a taxi ride.

We understand that using an unfamiliar car-sharing service can be intimidating, so we’ve provided some details about how Uber works.

What is Uber? Uber is a car-sharing service that was founded in San Francisco in 2009 and has since spread to over 70 cities. It operates as a safe and easy “taxi alternative.” The mobile app allows customers to pinpoint their location and also see the locations of Uber drivers nearby — including their estimated distance — so you can accurately plan when your Uber will arrive.

What are the benefits of using Uber? 

  • It’s easy! Simply download the app, create an account, and then order your order driver with just one click!
  • It’s cashless! Never again will you need to worry about carrying enough cash to pay for a cab. Uber users request drivers through the mobile app, and once their ride arrives, the meter starts. Fares are then automatically charged to the card on file and a receipt is sent via email and will appear on your app.uber dc
  • It’s safe! Uber really prioritizes customer safety above anything else. All Uber drivers are required to submit to an extensive background check, including a three-step criminal background screening. Plus, because it’s cashless, you never have to worry about any risk or hassle.
  • It’s friendly! In our experience, Uber drivers tend to be much friendlier and more accommodating than other services. Every now and then you’ll even get a driver who’ll offer you a free bottle of water or some candy, just for riding!
  • It’s everywhere! Well, almost 😉 Registering for an Uber account in Washington, DC doesn’t mean you’re limited to using it here. Uber operates in over 70 cities, all locations of which are available to registered users. Also, our exclusive promotional code “DCbyFoot” enables you to use that $20 in any of Uber’s many cities.
  • It’s family friendly! Uber in Washington, DC recently introduced uberFAMILY, which ensures that, for a $10 surcharge,  your driver will have a car seat so that parents can safely buckle up their little ones. Uber also offers uberSUV, which is ideal for those traveling as a larger group.
  • It’s got a lot of variety! Besides just uberFAMILY and uberSUV, Uber also offers uberX (the economy option), uberBLACK (a high-end sedan), uberTAXI (a regular taxi, without the hassle), and uberLUX (a luxury vehicle).