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Best Washington DC Bike Rentals and Tours (2024)

Updated: February 13, 2024

In the following post, we will provide information about the best bike tours in Washington DC.

We will also include details about pedicab tours and potential discounts on these services. This post was updated in February 2024.

Disclosure: We think you should consider our free tours, but we have also provided other options. While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


This section will cover all of the best bike rental services in DC. Most of these services include the protective gear you need to safely ride a bike around the area.

Guests in our over 50K member Washington DC Travel Tips Facebook Group are always talking about bike rentals tours!

Unlimited Biking DC

Unlimited Biking DC offers six different bicycles for rent along with two different trailer options for younger riders.

All rentals include helmets, bike locks, a tire changing kit, and a map.

Each bike rental has a minimum purchase of at least 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. If you go over the 4-hour mark, you will need to pay for a 24-hour rental.

Purchase Unlimited Biking rental. (or get an E-Bike rental)

E-Bike Rental Prices

  • $40 for up to two hours
  • $60 for up to four hours
  • $68 for the entire day

Comfort Hybrid – A 24-speed hybrid bicycle

  • 2-hour minimum: $20
  • 4 hour: $40
  • DAYpass: $45

Tandem Bike – Ride in tandem with friends, family or significant others

  • 2-hour minimum: $40
  • 4 hour: $80
  • DAYpass: $90

Kids Bike – Bicycles intended specifically for children

  • 2-hour minimum: $15
  • 4 hour: $35
  • DAYpass: $40

Purchase Unlimited Biking rental. (or get an E-Bike rental)

Fat Tire Bike Rentals

Although they don’t offer the same kind of enthusiast options as Bike and Roll, the price for each rental remains the same across the board.

In addition to their standard bike rentals, they also offer e-bike rentals for anyone who plans to trek across DC.

Much like their competitors, Fat Tire also provides access to trailers for younger riders at an additional cost.

Helmets and bike locks are included with every bike rental.

Standard Bike Rental Prices

  • $20 for up to two hours
  • $40 for up to four hours
  • $45 for the entire day

E-Bike Rental Prices

  • $40 for up to two hours
  • $60 for up to four hours
  • $68 for the entire day

Purchase Fat Tire Bike Rentals.

Fat Tire does not currently offer bike rentals through any discount pass. Even so, don’t forget to check our discounts section for potential savings.

Capital Bikeshare

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible option, you might actually want to consider a bike-share instead. This is more of a public transportation service than it is a bike rental.

There are dozens of stations in and around Washington DC where you can pick up a basic bicycle or an e-bike for one low price and ride from one station to the next.

With several stops around the National Mall and other significant landmarks, this could be an effective option for getting around town.

You won’t have access to the types of high-quality bicycles offered by traditional bike rental services, but it will definitely be more affordable.

Bikeshare Pass Prices

Helpful Advice for 24-hour Pass

Even if you have an all-day pass, each ride is capped at 45 minutes, after this time is up there will be an additional fee of $0.05 per minute.

In order to make the most effective use of this service, ride from one destination to the next and explore the monuments in the area.

Once you’ve finished looking around and learning about the landmark, find another station and hop onto another bike. Ride to your next destination and repeat the cycle.


The following section will cover popular bike tours you can take in Washington DC during the day.

There are currently two major companies offering DC bike tours. Each of these services includes helmets and other protective gear you need for a safe trip.

In addition to outings that cover popular landmarks and notable sites in DC, there are also trips to Mount Vernon and E-Bike tours you may want to consider.

Unlimited Biking DC

This is one of the largest bike tour companies in the country, and they offer a lot of different services in Washington DC.

In addition to tours of the monuments, they also offer trips to Mount Vernon.

Although riding a bicycle can be easier than walking, it’s important to understand that some of these options will require up to 18 miles of biking.

Unlimited Biking has three different locations in and around the DC area, so their services probably won’t be too difficult to access.

Capital Sites Bike TourVisit various popular landmarks in Washington DC.

  • Ticket Price: $55 for Adults ($75 for Ebike) | $45 for Children
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 7-8 miles
  • Availability: February - December

Monuments Bike TourDiscover all of the most significant monuments in DC.

  • Ticket Price: $65 for Adults ($95 for an Ebike) | $55 for Children
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Availability: February - December

The Monuments tour is a popular option for guests. You'll get a guide to tell you about the sites, and they can watch the bikes while you visit inside the memorials. (Some Unlimited Biking guides also offer walking tours with us, so we can vouch for Greg! He's the best bike guide!)

Check our discounts section for even more opportunities to save money.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

If you’re looking for a tour of the monuments at a lower price, this company offers one of the most affordable bike tours in Washington, DC.

In addition to this option, they also provide e-bike tours and a combo package which includes a stop at Arlington Cemetery.

Their main circuit runs year-round, giving them an advantage during the winter months, as this is one of the least popular seasons for a bike tour.

DC Day Bike Tour – Discover our nation’s most significant landmarks.

  • Ticket Price: $45 for Adults | $40 for Children
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Availability: Year-round

Monuments, Memorials & Arlington Cemetery Bike Tour – See the monuments and then head into Arlington Cemetery.

  • Ticket Price: $54 per person
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Availability: mid-March - end of October

Discover DC E-Bike Tour – Enjoy a less stressful ride around Washington DC.

  • Ticket Price: $79 per person
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Availability: April 1 – November 12

Fat Tire bike tours aren’t currently available through any discount service in Washington, DC.

Even so, you should check our discounts section for potential savings before purchasing tickets.


In this section, we will cover all of the DC bike tours you can take at sunset and after the sun goes down.

In addition to helmets and safety pads, these services also include lights and reflective vests so that you can be easily seen at night.

Unlimited Biking DC

This company provides its Monuments bike tour at night. It’s essentially the same trip, but your journey begins as the sun sets.

Despite the time of day, these bike tours are particularly popular among family audiences. Both options are three hours in length and will require between 4-8 miles of cycling.

Monuments by Night

  • Price: $65 for Adults ($95 for an Ebike) | $55 for Children
  • Availability: February–November

This tour isn’t currently included on any Washington DC discount pass.

If you’re looking for a way to save on tickets, check our discounts section for more details.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

The main night tour offered by this company is very similar to an excursion that they provide during the day.

Much like their competitors, you will visit several historic sites around the National Mall after dark.

Once again, this trip is a very popular family activity, and you can expect the experience to last for at least 3 hours.

Monuments & Memorials Night Bike Tour

  • Price: $54 for Adults | $49 for Children
  • Availability: March – November

Sadly, this tour is not offered at a discount through any tourist pass. Check our discounts section just below to see if there is any other way to save money on this activity.


If you’re looking to save some money on a bike tour, bike rental or similar service, consider one of the following options.

Freestyle Pass DC

This tourist pass offered by City Sights DC includes a 3-hour bike rental as one of the 5 attractions you can choose from.

Depending on how you use the pass, you could save up to 40% off regular ticket prices.

Check our Washington DC discount pass comparison post for more details about this and other services.

Other Discount Options

Most Washington DC bike tours are not included on any major tourist or discount pass.

That said, you might still be able to find a better deal on discount sites such as Groupon and Living Social.

Every now and then, some of the tours listed on this post will offer their services for a lower price through these websites.

Even if they don’t list their prices any lower than usual, it’s worth noting that both Groupon and Living Social have regular sales of between 10-30% off many of the services they provide.

Keep this option in mind if you can’t find a great deal on the bike tour of your choice. A little extra research could save you a lot of money!


If you’re not in the mood to do a lot of cycling, why not let someone else do all the work?

Pedicabs can typically hold 2-4 people, which makes this a great option for small families. Pedicab tours typically allow you to have some control over the landmarks and sites visited on your trip.

They also run until 8 pm - 9 pm, giving you a great opportunity to enjoy a tour after dark.

Ticket prices range from $75 - $90 per hour, but there are some companies that charge per person instead.

Each pedicab tour company offers an average of 4-6 different tours.

Here are some of the best options in Washington DC:

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