How is the weather in Berlin in June?

June in Berlin is pleasantly warm but can be a bit on the wet side. Early in June morning lows are mostly in the low to mid 50s F (11-12C) while afternoons tend to be in the lower 70s F (21-22C).  A couple of the cooler mornings can see temperatures dipping to the mid-40s F (7-8C) or less. By the end of June, mornings tend to be in the mid to upper 50s F (13-14C) while afternoons tend to average in the mid-70s F (24-25C).  A few of the warmer afternoons will see temperatures reaching into the mid-80s F (29C) or more.

June has the longest days offering ample time to explore the city as daylight hours average just over 16.5 hours.  You can expect, on average, about 9 days throughout June to be sunny or at least partly sunny with some rainfall on about 14 days with 3 or 4 of those days having a thunderstorm.

What to wear outside in Berlin during June

During June a light jacket, windbreaker or sweater may be needed during the morning or evening hours, especially early in the month while summer wear works well for most other times. If would be a good idea to bring along an umbrella for the rainy days and don’t forget some good walking shoes.

What to do in Berlin in June and year-round

June will feature several events including the International German Gymnastics Festival, the Open Air Gallery and the German-French Fair

Year-round you can visit the city’s many museums, tour the Reichstag, walk through the Holocaust Memorial and see remnants of the Berlin Wall and Berlin’s famous street art

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Fred Pickhardt

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