How is the Weather in London in August?

This post is an overview of the weather in London in August as well as providing tips on how to dress and what to do during this relatively warmer month.  August is one of the best months to visit as temperatures are relatively high and there is lots of sun.  It’s also a great time of year to enjoy evening activities, such as our pay-what-you-like tours, as the evening temperatures provide for very comfortable conditions.  

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August is perhaps the best time of year to visit this wonderful city as this month provides comfortable and relatively dry weather for most outdoor activities and for just exploring the city.

Afternoon high temperatures will tend to be in the mid-70s F (22-23 C) early in the month and near 70F (about 21C) by the end of the month.  A couple of the warmer days, early in the month, can see afternoon temperatures rising up into the low to mid 80sF (28-29C). Overnight and early morning low temperatures tend to be near 60F (15-16C) early in the month cooling down into the mid to upper 50s F (13-14C) near the end of the month.  A couple of the cooler mornings could see temperatures dipping down into the lower 50s F (11-12C).


Average August Temperatures London



With about 17-18 days seeing sunny or at least partly sunny skies, August is a great time for walking tours around London while only 7-8 days are likely to see rainfalls of 1mm (.04 inches) or more.  Daylight hours range from over 15 hours early in August gradually diminishing to under 14 hours towards month’s end.  Most days wind will not be an issue, averaging between 2 mph and 16 mph (4kph-26 kph).


Average Sunshine London August



Summer clothes are good but you should also bring along some heavier clothes for the cooler evenings and early mornings.  A light sweater, light jacket or windbreaker might also be a good idea.  Don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes and an umbrella for the few wet days.



August is the perfect time to join us for one of our popular London Night Tours, as nighttime temperatures make for lovely evenings. There are many outdoor events this month in the city such as the Notting Hill Carnival, which takes place on the last weekend of the month.   Also this month, the city explores its Roman heritage with Londinium — a 3-month long event that features gladiator games, historical talks, and archaeological tours. If you’d prefer to relax a bit outdoor, consider attending the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House, London’s largest outdoor screen. 

Other Popular Things to Do in the Warm Weather


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