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Wembley Stadium Tour

Updated: April 22, 2024
 By Margaret

If you’re interested in taking a Wembley tour, this post will provide all the information necessary to visit this attraction, including details about ticket prices and how to get there.


Wembley Stadium was originally built in 1923 and was known as the Empire Stadium. It was built for the British Empire Exhibition and was intended to be a temporary structure. 

However, due to its popularity, it was decided to make it a permanent stadium. The stadium underwent major renovations in 2002 and was reopened in 2007.

A statue from Wembley Stadium. Image source: Pixabay user Coombesy.

Wembley Stadium has hosted some of the biggest events in sports, music, and entertainment history. The stadium has hosted the FA Cup Final, the League Cup Final, the Community Shield, and the Play-off Finals. 

It has also hosted the UEFA Champions League Final, the UEFA Europa League Final, and the UEFA Nations League Finals.

Wembley Stadium offers a few different tours at the moment, allowing fans to get a closer look at some of the most historic and notable locations in the massive venue.

In addition to a standard Wembley Stadium tour that is regularly offered, there are also VIP tours you can take which will take you to areas that are usually off-limits.

Tours are available almost every day, and it’s relatively easy to get here either by tube, train, or bus. Best of all, there are several ways to save up to 50% off on tickets!

Wembley Stadium Tours and Tickets

This historic stadium currently offers 3 different tours, including 2 VIP options you might want to consider.

The following section provides details about ticket prices, tour duration, hours, and availability for each Wembley Stadium tour.

Wembley Stadium Tour

If you’re looking for the most affordable and readily available tour of this historic stadium, this is going to be your best bet. 

Each Wembley tour will be approximately 90 minutes in length, and they are led by private hosts who will guide you to the most historic and important sites in the stadium.

In addition to attractions such as the dressing rooms, the players' tunnel, and the largest press conference room in all of Europe, you can also expect to see the pitch up close and personal!

You’ll also receive free digital content for your smartphone and an opportunity for a green-screen photo experience.

  • £24/Adults | £17/Children (5-15) | £17/Concession
  • £65/Family (2 Adults + 2 Children)
  • Free for kids under 5
  • Availability: Almost Every Day
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Purchase Wembley Stadium tour tickets or learn more.

TIP: This specific Wembley tour is included at no additional cost with both the London Pass and the Explorer Pass, allowing you to save money on the activity!

Exclusive VIP Tour

This tour is similar to the traditional option, but with a lot more extras.

In addition to a private Wembley tour experience, you’ll also get a free gift pack, a gold photo pass, 10% off on their Photobook, and exclusive access to areas that are typically off-limits.

The Exclusive VIP Tour is much more limited in availability, so you might want to purchase tickets ahead of time in order to ensure you can enjoy this outing.

Depending on when you plan to visit, you can expect this tour to be offered anywhere from 1-5 days each week.

Unlike the basic tour, the VIP experience is closer to 2 hours in length. 

  • £70/Adults | £50/Children (5-15) | £70/Concession
  • Free for kids under 5
  • Availability: 1-5 days a week
  • Duration: 2 hours

Purchase Wembley Stadium Exclusive VIP Tour tickets or learn more.

VIP Matchday Tour

This is basically the same as their Exclusive VIP Tour with a few additional extras.

As the name implies, this type of tour is only offered on matchday, and it actually includes admission to the match.

In addition to a VIP gift pack, you’ll also receive a free matchday programme and the opportunity to visit pitchside as the teams are warming up!

Like the other VIP Wembley tour, this service will also last about 2 hours, and then you’ll get to stick around to see the match live.

That said, since they don’t have matches every day, availability for this tour is much more limited.

NOTE: Since the ticket price often varies for matches, the price of this tour also depends on when you make reservations. Given that tickets can be pretty expensive, you can expect this VIP experience to cost even more!

Learn more about the VIP Matchday Tour.

How to Get to Wembley Stadium

If you’re interested in visiting Wembley Stadium, it’ll be important to keep in mind that it’s almost an hour outside of the city centre at London HA9 0WS.

There are a lot of different ways to get here, but the easiest option is undoubtedly to take the tube.

You can use the map above for specific directions from anywhere in the city. If you plan to drive, you can expect to pay a whopping £40 for parking at Wembley Stadium. 

This is why we recommend either the tube, bus, or train, and we’ll provide more information about each of these options below. The following train, tube, and bus stations are relatively close to this historic stadium:

  • Underground Stations: Wembley Park
  • Railway Stations: Wembley Stadium
  • Bus Routes: 18/N18, 83/N83, 92, 182, 206, 223, 297 and 483

Deals and Offers

If you’re looking to save some money on tickets for the Wembley Stadium tour, there are a few different concessions you might want to consider.

This section will provide details about how much you can save, how each deal works, and what steps are necessary to activate the offer.

London Tourist Passes

There are currently 2 different concession passes in London that include admission to the Wembley Stadium tour.

Depending on which service you choose, you could save 50% or more when using a London tourist pass.

While the London Pass is all-inclusive, providing unlimited access to every activity included, the Explorer Pass allows you to pay one flat price for 2 or more specific attractions that you want to visit.

Here are a few of the other activities these services include:

  • London Stadium Tour
  • Chelsea FC Stadium Tour
  • Emirates Arsenal Stadium Tour
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour

For more details, make sure to read our full post covering London tourist passes.

2 For 1 Deal

The standard Wembley Stadium tour is included with the 2-for-1 deal from National Rail.

As long as you buy two train tickets to the stadium, you are eligible to get 2 tickets for the price of 1.

Considering that the train is one of the easiest ways to get here, this is actually a pretty good deal that ensures you’ll save at least 50% off general admission prices.

For more information, please read our full post covering the 2-for-1 deal in greater detail.

Combo Packages

There is currently at least one combo package that includes admission to the basic Wembley Stadium tour, and it’s being offered by Tiqets.

Wembley Stadium Tour + Stamford Bridge Tour

Promo Sites

There are a variety of websites that offer concessions on local activities in London, including examples such as Groupon and Discount London.

In addition to their already low prices, this website pretty frequently offers additional promo codes to help you save an extra 10% - 20% off.

Interesting Facts About Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium has a rich history and is home to many interesting facts. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Wembley Stadium has a total of 2,618 toilets, making it the venue with the most toilets in the world.
  • The Wembley Arch, which stands over the stadium, is the longest single-span roof structure in the world.
  • The stadium's pitch is the largest in the United Kingdom and is equivalent to around 8,000 square meters.
  • Wembley Stadium has a unique seating configuration that allows for an unobstructed view from every seat in the house.
  • The stadium's hospitality section, known as the Bobby Moore Club, is named after the legendary England captain who led the team to World Cup victory in 1966.

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