2 For 1 Deals in London!

When in London, there is no need to pay full price for every attraction you visit. With National Rail, it is possible for visitors to purchase a rail ticket which, in turn, will grant the holder 2 for 1 access to some of the biggest attractions, exhibitions, theatres and even restaurants in the capital! With so many places in London signed up to the scheme, it’s one of the biggest (and easiest) ways to save money whilst in the capital and all you need is a ticket and access to a printer! Here at Free Tours By Foot we love to making travelling as inexpensive as possible, so that’s why we’re giving you the low down on how to bag yourself this excellent offer!

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So How Do I Get My 2 for 1 Deals in London Ticket?

2for1 London DealThe 2for1 offer is a discount plan that has been organised between some of the most famous attractions in London and the National Rail Network in the UK. To obtain your ticket when travelling to – or through – London, simply buy any rail ticket at any rail station. This means Underground Stations Only do not apply!  For more info on passes from Underground Stations only, click here.   However, many of the rail stations are also Underground Stations so it is possible to not have to go too far out of your way. Some easily accessible examples: Victoria, Kings Cross, and Paddington.

At the rail station, you simply need to buy a ticket. Now – you could be quite cheeky and just purchase the cheapest one-way ticket possible (think any one-way ticket between Zones 1 and 2…Victoria to Clapham Junction for example) with no intention to use it aside from getting your 2for1 discount later. However! The most sensible option is to buy yourself a travelcard at the rail station. A travelcard in London is a paper ticket that you can purchase to last you either 1 day, or 1 week (even 1 month if you wish!), depending on how long you are here. You simply buy the travelcard outright when you arrive (£8.80 for a single day or £30.40 for the entire week) and use it to travel freely during your visit. Your travel card, bought from a rail station, will give you unlimited travel on all buses in London and all Underground stations within zones 1 and 2 – as well as qualify you for the 2 for 1 rail offer! Easily the best deal for those of you here for more than a couple of days.

If you already have a ticket and are curious if you qualify, check here for a list of all valid tickets.

Can I Use Any Ticket on Any Day?

No. To qualify for the 2for1 offer, the rail card you use must be valid for the day you visit the attraction. For a single journey ticket, this means your visit must be on the same day that your ticket is good for. If you have chosen a weekly railcard, then you can visit the attraction on any of the 7 days your travelcard is good for.

What Do I Need Next?

2 for 1 Tower of LondonNext is the fun part! Deciding where it is you want to go. As inspiration, a few of the attractions providing the offer include the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London EyeMadame Tussauds, Tower Bridge and the London Zoo! For the entire list of attractions using this offer, just click here .

Once you are on that website, and you have found the attraction you wish to go to – simply click the link that says “Instant Download” next to your chosen attraction. From there you will be prompted to sign up to the scheme (just by providing name –mail address and a password of your choice) and also enter information about when you will be using the voucher. Once you have filled in all the sections – voila! The voucher is yours to print and use once you have arrived at your chosen location.

Where Do I Go If I Want More Information?

All rail stations in London should carry promotional leaflets advertising the 2for1 offer for you to pick up and browse. In addition, this website will have all the information you could possibly need!

Is The 2 for 1 Offers in London Worth It?

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! I will use the Tower of London as an example since this is one of the most popular (and most expensive) attractions in town.

If you are travelling with one other person and you each purchased a daily travel card at £8.80 a piece, for a total of £17.60 then went to visit the Tower of London purchasing two tickets at £21.45 each, for a total of £42.90 you will have spent over £60 in a single day! But by choosing and using a 2for1 voucher, you will be getting two tickets for £21.45, making your single spend £39.05. This would mean that your daily travelcards actually paid for themselves!

The 2 for 1 offer is easy, fast, and saves you loads of money. If you are interested in the offer and you come along on one of our London walking tours, simply ask your guide to point you in the direction of the nearest rail station at the end of your tour so you can start choosing, using, and saving for yourself!

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