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Best Broadway Shows

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Broadway is back and better than ever! After a pause during the pandemic, the lights are back on and the curtains are up. 

There are so many great Broadway shows to choose from in 2022, so we’ve created this list of what’s on Broadway right now to help you pick the right one for you.

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Without further ado, here’s our list of the best current Broadway shows in NYC.

Top Broadway Shows


Perhaps one of the best Broadway shows of all time, Hamilton tells the tale of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers. 

With a musical score that blends show tunes, jazz, R&B and even hip-hop, Hamilton captures a momentous moment in America’s birth. 

The real-life story provides insight into the complexity of Hamilton's relationship with figures like George Washington's Aaron Burr. 

As a winner of 11 Tony Awards, Hamilton is on, if not, the best Broadway show right now.

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Wicked The Musical

This feel-good musical is about how two young witches go from disliking each other to becoming close friends. 


The show follows the girls as they grow into their destinies as a Wicked Witch and a Good Witch, yet discover a strong bond between them.

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Lion King

Chances are you have heard about the Lion King for years and have been waiting to get to New York City to see it. Now's your chance!

In case you don't know how good it is, this review from Time Magazine will convince you. “Awe-inspiring! ….Taymor's imaginative ideas seem limitless. it's a gorgeous, gasp-inducing spectacle.”

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Moulin Rouge!

This musical tells the story of a young English poet Christian who falls in love with cabaret actress Satine, the star at the star of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. 

Moulin Rouge

The lavish stage production and seductive songs have made it a staple of Broadway. This lively show is guaranteed to entertain!

MJ The Musical 

This is by far one of the best Broadway shows that opened in 2022!

Nominated for 10 Tony Awards, including “Best Musical'', MJ The Musical is a look back at the biggest moments in Michael Jackson’s illustrious career. 

The show looks at his life through the lens of 25 of his greatest hits. The story is captivating, the choreography is wonderful and the songs are, well, songs that we know so well.


Six was one of the best Broadway shows that opened in 2021.

Through girl-group pop songs, the six wives of Henry VIII tell you about their not-so-happy lives (and deaths) with this infamous English King.

Six the Musical

With eight Tony nominations in 2022 including “Best Musical”, SIX is one of the best shows on Broadway right now.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

This play takes place 19 years since Harry Potter graduated from Hogwarts. He’s sent his son, Albus, to his alma mater where trouble brews again.

Albus has befriended Scorpius, the son of Draco Malfoy, one of Harry’s enemies.

The boys take a time-traveling journey, but trouble begins and Harry, Ron, and Hermione must help save their children and the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child has won countless awards and should be on your list of shows if you are traveling with kids!


Based on the Disney movie of the same name, Aladdin is the familiar tale of a poor young man, meets a Genie and is granted three wishes. 


With flying carpets and magnificent costumes, this highly successful Broadway show will let your imagination soar. It’s especially good for families with young children!

The Book of Mormon

This musical comedy with music and book by the creators of the TV series South Park has been a Broadway favorite since 2011. 

A winner of 9 Tony Awards including Best Musical, you can rest assured that this musical about mismatched Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda, will entertain!


This show is the winner of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical. The plot weaves two Greek mythic tales, first the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and second, the story of Hades, King of the Underworld, and his wife Persephone.


The show features a stellar cast of actors, singers and dancers, who take the audience on a memorable voyage to the underworld and back. 

& Juliet

Created by the writer of the hilarious TV series, Schitt’s Creek, this comedic musical looks at the life of Shakespeare's Juliet if she hadn't ended it all over Romeo.

With upbeat pop songs like “Since U Been Gone,” “Baby One More Time,” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” this feel-good Broadway show is one not to miss!


The Tony-winning production opened in 1996, the longest-running American musical in Broadway history. It’s just as good as when it opened! 

This dazzling musical about adultery, murder and justice in the Roaring Twenties is exactly what Broadway is all about!

Death of a Salesman

The classic Arthur Miller drama about a traveling salesman Willy Loman, is, for the first time in Broadway, told from the perspective of an African-American family.

Death of a Salesman

The play is a montage of Willy’s memories, family confrontations, and dreams that reveal the fallacies of the American dream.

Funny Girl

The first time this show opened on Broadway was in 1964 and Barbara Streisand played Fanny Brice, a determined girl from the Lower East Side who was determined to be a Broadway star.

This revival is every bit as wonderful as the original. Hear iconic Broadway songs such as “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” and “People”.

The Piano Lesson

August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama premiered on Broadway in 1990. This revival marks the first time a woman (Tony Award nominee LaTanya Richardson Jackson) has directed an August Wilson play on Broadway.

The Piano Lesson

The cast of this drama features star Samuel L. Jackson as Doaker Charles, one of two siblings who can't agree on what to do with the family’s prized heirloom piano in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

Opening Soon

Some Like It Hot (begins November 1, 2022

The new musical is based on the classic 1950s comedic movie starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

It’s Chicago, during Prohibition and two musicians who witness a mob hit go on the run. As an extra precaution, they disguise themselves as women which leads to hilarious consequences!

A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical (begins November 2, 2022)

Sing along with Neil Diamond’s iconic songs, “Sweet Caroline” and “America” in this show that tells this singer-songwriter’s story from a poor kid in Brooklyn to a superstar.

Directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and written by four-time Academy Award nominee Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Two Popes), this show will inspire and delight audiences.

Ain't No Mo' (begins November 3, 2022)

This masterful satire is one part sketch comedy and one part avant-garde theater. Ain’t No Mo’ asks the question “What if the U.S. government offered Black Americans one-way plane tickets to Africa?” 

What follows is a stirring depiction of what an exodus of African-Americans would look like. The exploration of the value of black lives in America will leave you laughing and also thinking in a new way.

Almost Famous (begins November 3, 2022

Based on the funny, touching movie by the same name, Almost Famous takes place in 1973 and follows 15-year-old William, an aspiring music journalist as he tags along with an up-and-coming rock band.

Almost Famous

Suddenly he is thrown into the wild world of rock-n-roll, filled with groupies, drugs, great music and complicated relationships. We watch as William navigates this maze, finding himself along the way.

Closing Soon

Hurry to catch these Broadway hits before they leave town!

The Music Man (closes January 1, 2023)

This spirited musical first arrived on Broadway in 1957 and was a smash hit! The latest revival, starring two-time Tony, Grammy, and Emmy winner Hugh Jackman, is just as good as the original!

Trouble starts brewing in River City when con artist Harold Hill shows up. His plans are derailed when he falls in love with the town librarian, Marian. You’ll want to sing along to the popular songs, “Seventy-Six Trombones”' and "Gary, Indiana".

Into the Woods (closes Jan 8, 2023) 

Catch this fabulous Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Tony Award-winning musical before it leaves in January. 

This twist on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood is told through a beautiful score with brilliant lyrics.

Beetlejuice (closes Jan 8, 2023)

Nominated for 8 Tony awards including Best Musical, this whimsical show is based on the 1988 film of the same name. Lydia Deetz and her family have moved into a new house. The problem is, the former occupants, Adam and Barbara Maitland want their house back.

As they are now ghosts, they try to scare the Deetz’s out, but have no success. They call on the help of Beetlejuice, an unscrupulous bio-exorcist ghost who does whatever it takes to get the Deetz family to poach up and leave.

1776 (closes Jan 8, 2023)

This Tony Award-winning Best Musical has never been so revolutionary! This revival’s multicultural cast is made up of female, transgender and non-binary performers.

Filled with passion and persuasion, the show depicts the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The songs put the history of America into the hands of the people who had no voice at its start.

Strange Loop (closes January 15, 2023)

Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comedic musical is about a bell-hop by day, writer by night, queer black man named Usher. He spends his nights writing a musical about a bell-hop by day, writer by night, queer black man.

Through powerful and heartfelt songs, Strange Loop reveals the struggle of a young man’s love-hate feelings about his identity and desires. 

The Phantom of the Opera (closes February 18, 2023)

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s thrilling masterpiece is the longest-running show in Broadway history, premiering in 1988. It won seven Tony Awards including Best Musical. 

In this timeless tale, the ‘Phantom’ haunts the Paris Opera. Ashamed of his appearance, covered by a mask, he falls in love with his protégée, Christine Daaé. This romantic show proves that love is strong enough to conquer anything.

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