New Orleans Streetcars | How to Ride the Trolleys

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This post demonstrates how to ride the New Orleans streetcars with tips on choosing the right ticket, seeing the best sights, and understanding the streetcar’s history. In New Orleans, trolleys are called streetcars, and their image is iconic to the Crescent City. The streetcar system is cheap and easy to navigate. 

Lines and Map
Fares + Passes
A Streetcar Named Desire

Tips on Riding the Streetcar
Where Can You Go?
Free Tours by Foot


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Self Guided Tours of New Orleans

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We are happy to have produced several self-guided tours of New Orleans and our collection is growing.  We designed these self guided tours of New Orleans to be used as tours for you to take on your own time and your own pace or as companion pieces on our guided tours.  Some tours, like our Katrina tour, are only available as a self-guided tour. We hope these tours are helpful to you.

TIP – If you are looking to save money on tickets to New Orleans attractions, consider a tourist discount pass.

Our list of self-guided New Orleans tours:

St.-Louis-Cathedral-New-Orleans-French-Quarter sThis is a self-guided tour which highlights the top 16 things to see in the French Quarter, New Orleans most famous neighborhood.  This tour should take you approximately 1 hour if you are just walking without browsing shops, bars and markets – but why would you do that?  This map and guide serve as great companions to our guided tour of the French Quarter. Also, be sure to check out our post on visiting Jackson Square

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New Orleans Cocktail Tour

New Orleans Cocktails and Drinking Guide

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Are you wondering where to go out for drinks in New Orleans? This New Orleans Cocktails and Drinking Guide to is a one stop shop to the most popular and unique drinking experiences in the Crescent City. Whether your preference is cocktails, wine, beer or something truly original, then read on. There is something here for everyone.

Be sure to check out our self-guided New Orleans Cocktail Tour.

Boozy Brunch Places

Original New Orleans Cocktails

Best Locations for Beer

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Where to eat the best Gumbo in New Orleans

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Gumbo New Orleans This post is about the different types of gumbo and where to find some of the best gumbo in New Orleans.  We provide a map with places both within the French Quarter and outside as well as descriptions of and links to each recommended establishment.

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New Orleans is known for many things – our music, parades, history, and culture, just to name a few – but perhaps one of our most defining characteristics is our food.  More aptly, our LOVE of food.  The Big Easy is a cornucopia of some of the best dishes and restaurants in the world.  But, perhaps no other dish sums up the flavor of our Cajun heritage better than gumbo. While there are many variations on the dish itself, the base of gumbo, which is believed to come from the West African Bantu language for “okra,” they all have a few things in common – a dark roux, okra, and filé powder. From there, combination of game meat, shellfish, chicken, and sausage can be added, depending on the chef, as can tomatoes, giving it a more “creole” taste. Gumbo is traditionally served over (or on the side of) rice.

All of this can obviously leave a visitor to New Orleans feeling a bit overwhelmed. And while locals will invariably argue over who has the best gumbo (keep in mind, it’s usually their mom’s!), we have listed a few places throughout the Crescent City to try this unique dish. Just remember – if it doesn’t have okra, it is just soup! Read more »

best things to do in New Orleans at night

16 Things to do in New Orleans at Night

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New Orleans knows how to “pass a good time”, and the city’s nightlife is true to its reputation as one of America’s premiere cites for fun and leisure. There are many ways to enjoy the temperate Gulf Coast nights, and whether your preference is music, dining, theatrical entertainment or communing with the spirits of old, New Orleans at night has something to temp your playful side. Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll) with these 16 Things to do in New Orleans at Night:

SPECIAL – Starting December 9th, we will be offering our French Quarter Creole Christmas Tour on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.



Listen to live acoustic jazz at Preservation Hall. Serving as a music venue, a touring band, and a non-profit organization, Preservation Hall is dedicated to preserving one of New Orleans’s unique music contributions – Jazz. Established in 1961 and located at 726 St. Peter, in the heart of the French Quarter, Preservation Hall offers multiple show times per night, seven days a week. General admission tickets are $15-$20 at the door, or you can reserve tickets with “Big Shot” seating for $35-$50.

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The Best Beignets in New Orleans

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No visit to New Orleans would be complete without indulging in the time honored tasty tradition of beignets and cafe au lait. Beignets, the French word for “bump”, are deep-fried pastries, normally served piping hot with powdered sugar on top, and are as associated with this region as Mardi Gras is.  Most visitors to New Orleans will make the obligatory pilgrimage to Cafe du Monde on Decatur Street in the French Quarter, but there are many other places, both within the French Quarter and without, that serve up these delectable treats in many different variations of sweet and savory.  Below is our list of some of these beignet varieties and the places where you can find them.  You could also watch this video from GoNola TV on how to make them.

Classic and Chocolate Beignets

Smoked Salmon + Cinnamon and Banana

Crab and Crawfish Beignets


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New Orleans Segway Tour

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A New Orleans Segway tour are another great way to see the sights around the Big Easy, in addition to our New Orleans Walking Tours! You’ve likely seen lines of single file segways weaving through the city. If you’ve ever thought “Wow, that looks fun!” well, then, we have got you covered.

Free Tours by Foot has partnered with City Segway Tours in New Orleans to offer our guests a special rate on their tours where you’ll receive 10% off regular price if you Purchase Tickets through us. With multiple tours to choose from, City Segway has you covered.

Be sure to also check out our deals on:

1.5 Hour New Orleans Segway Tour: Consider this a highlight tour for those more interested in the segway riding experience than learning about the history of each sight in the French Quarter.

2 Hour New Orleans Segway  Tour: The 2 hour version runs as both a daytime and an evening tour! It only covers the French Quarter but gives you a more in-depth tour than the shorter 1.5 hour tour.

3 Hour New Orleans Tour:New Orleans Segway Tours

  • The French Quarter
  • Mississippi River Front
  • The Treme Neighborhood
  • Louis Armstrong Park
  • Congo Square
  • Jackson Square
  • Bourbon Street
  • The Old U.S. Mint

Never been on a segway before?  Each tour includes a 30 minute orientation session with video and practice area to introduce you and make sure you’re comfortable before heading out. All segway tours come with helmets.

**Children under the age of 12/Unaccompanied Minors (under 18 years old)/Pregnant Women/Persons who weight less than 100lbs or more than 260 lbs cannot be accommodate on Segway tours ***

Reservations: Required. Purchase Tickets

Where: All Segway tours begin at the City Segway office, located at 214 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. The office is located in the French Quarter directly across from the House of Blues. (Two blocks off of Canal Street and two blocks off the Mississippi River).


2 hour New Orleans Segway Tour: $55 per person Purchase Tickets

3 hour New Orleans Segway Tour: $75 per person Purchase Tickets

Which New Orleans Bus Tours Are Best?

Hop On Hop Off New Orleans Bus Tours And More

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This post reviews and compares the various bus tours in New Orleans, including our pay-what-you-like version.  There are many options to choose from if one is looking for a bus tour in the Crescent City, from hop-on, hop-off to fully guided tours.  Most tours last approximately 3 hours and most companies focus on offering basic city overviews.  You can take a tour specifically covering the devastation of the city from Hurricane Katrina and the city’s revitalization.  Many companies also offer bus tours to the surrounding plantations and swamps as well as other combinations.  Some offer hotel pick up or allow young children to ride for free.  Read this post to find out which New Orleans bus tours are best for you. It’s important to mention that many of these tours are not replacements for our pay-what-you-wish walking tours.

Fully Guided City Tours

Hurricane Katrina Tours

Swamp Tours

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New Orleans Tours

New Orleans Civil War Tour

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Unlike the War of 1812, New Orleans did not see major fighting during the American Civil War. Yet, the city was the largest in the South. It was a commercial, shipping and manufacturing center without equal in Dixie. The Union coveted the city, and sent major army and naval units to complete this task. In April 1862, the city fell after the Union navy ran passed the guns at Fort Jackson and Fort St. Phillip. The city was occupied for the rest of the war; only once did Confederate forces come close to recapturing it.

New Orleans has a variety of Civil War sites. This Self-Guided New Orleans Civil War Tour will offer tourists in the French Quarter a look into the various buildings and dramatic moments that can be easily visited by anyone sticking to the Vieux Carre.

Be sure to take a look at our full selection of self-guided New Orleans tours.

Use our Printable .PDF file to take with you on the Self-Guided Tour of the French Quarter in the Civil War

New Orleans Civil War Tour

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Esplanade Avenue Bayou St. John banner

Esplanade Avenue & Bayou St. John Self Guided Tour

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One reason the French decided to settle New Orleans was the nearby Bayou St. John, a sluggish outlet of nearby Lake Pontchartrain. The waterway skirted the relative high ground of the Esplanade Ridge, which stretched down toward the city. Here in this area the first French settlers established a camp. Here is where the French first staked their claim. Today, the area is quiet and relatively overlooked, but offers some wonderful sights off the beaten path. Begin the tour by heading down Esplanade Avenue away from the French Quarter.

Be sure to also check out our other self-guided tours of New Orleans.

Click here for a larger and interactive tour map.

Bayou St. John Map 1


Stop A – 2023 Esplanade Ave., Charpentier House

2023 Esplanade Ave., Charpentier HouseOriginally a plantation home, this house was designed in 1861 for A. B. Charpentier. Esplanade Avenue became the Creole answer to the lush homes on St. Charles Avenue, right down to the prevalence of Oak trees. This home is odd in that it combines Creole and American architecture, drawing from the Americans, with a center hallway and large porch, but sticking with Creole style windows. Although Americans and Creoles were rivals, after the Civil War the two groups started to intermarry.  Today the home operates as Ashton’s Bed & Breakfast, one of the highest rated establishments of this kind in New Orleans. Read more »