Giants in the Park: History and Art of Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Take a history and sculpture tour of south Lincoln Park and learn about its cemetery years including the burial place of Rebel soldiers with Giants in the Park. Important monuments we encounter include “Lincoln the Man” a masterpiece realized by Augustus Saint Gaudens; a bronze of the French explorer LaSalle, who predicted that one day a great city would rise here!; a temperance fountain and relic from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, originally named for temperance leader Francis Willard; an 1886 statue donated by the Germans and which has connections to the Haymarket Riot; and Chicago’s monumental Grant equestrian, the most prominent statue in Lincoln Park — which is full of meaning.  All this history is quietly suggested by the enduring bronze forms which reside along the lakefront, surrounded by a landscape of lawns and trails, gardens and ponds.

Sites talked about on  Giants in the Park: History and Art of Lincoln Park:

  • The Chicago History Museum
  • Abraham Lincoln Statue
  • The famous statues of Lincoln Park
  • The tomb of Ira Couch
  • Jeanne Gang’s boardwalk
  • Fountain Girl
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Lincoln Park Conservatory
Tour information

Reservations: This is offered as a private tour only.

lincoln_childrens__fountain_3Where:  We will meet at the Children’s Fountain in front of the Chicago History Museum at the intersection of West North Blvd and Clark Street. (map)

Duration: Tour lasts approx. 2 hours. Total walking is just over one mile (1.6 km).

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