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James Bond Tour in London

Updated: October 23, 2022
 By Margaret

This post will cover some of the best James Bond tours you can take in London.

In addition to professionally guided tours, we will also provide an entirely free self-guided option.


The world’s most famous spy – 007 – is a British classic anti-hero.

Although his exploits take him all over the world, a lot of James Bond films rely heavily on filming in London. 

For the true Bond-fans among you, there are a few different tours you can take in London which cover this beloved character.

We will also include a list of some James Bond locations you can visit while in town!

If you are considering purchasing the London Pass, please note that it includes both guided James Bond walking and bus tours.

Be sure to check out our other free self-guided London tours.


Brit Movie Tours is one of the most popular tour companies in London, and they currently offer a comprehensive outing that covers a variety of locations and subjects related to the James Bond franchise.

In addition to visiting filming locations for movies such as For Your Eyes Only, Die Another Day, Skyfall and Spectre, you’ll also learn about the actual British secret service and whether or not there’s any reality behind the stories in these films.

This walking tour will include a short bus ride, so you will need to purchase an Oyster Card or Travelcard before going on this trip.

  • Ticket Prices: £15/Adults | £10/Children
  • May – Aug Availability: Thursdays at 10:30 am
  • Jan – Dec Availability: Saturdays at 10:30 am
  • Duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Purchase tickets or learn more.

NOTE: This tour is included with the London Pass, which you can use to save anywhere from 20% - 50% off general admission prices.


If you’re looking to cover even more ground, Brit Movie Tours also offers a bus tour which will take you to even more sites related to the James Bond films.

Guests can expect to visit filming locations from movies like The World is Not Enough, Goldeneye, Skyfall, Spectre, and other popular movies from throughout the franchise.

Not only is this outing longer than their walking tour, but you also won’t need an Oyster Card or Travelcard, as you’ll be traveling on a comfortable mini-coach!

TIP: This company also offers a full-length James Bond day trip which covers even more filming locations than any of their other tours. This is a private tour designed for 1-6 people, so you can expect higher ticket prices.


Whether you want to save some money or you prefer to avoid the crowds of a public tour, this self-guided outing is an excellent alternative which includes several filming locations from throughout the history of the James Bond franchise.

Click on the map to enlarge or click here for a movable map.

Somerset House 

Films: Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldeneye

Somerset House doubles as the War Office in TND and sees James Bond pulling up outside in his Aston Martin DB5.

In Goldeneye the giant centre courtyard nestled in the middle of Somerset House was played off as a courtyard in St. Petersburg!

Nearest Station: Charing Cross or Temple

The National Gallery

Film: Skyfall

It is here in Room 34 that James Bond first meets Q, who supplies him with a pistol.

Nearest Station: Charing Cross or Leicester Square


Films: Octopussy, A View of Kill, License to Kill, Skyfall

Whitehall is the real-life home to the British government and has featured in a few Bond films.

James Bond has been briefed ‘inside’ these buildings, and the major thoroughfare here was shut down for the filming of Skyfall. 

In this scene, Bond not only runs down the road past the government buildings but also stands on the top near the end of the film, overlooking the Whitehall district where he meets Mrs. Moneypenny.  

Be sure to read our post on 10 Downing Street.

Nearest Station: Charing Cross or Westminster

The Reform Club

Films: Die Another Day and Quantum of Solace

James Bond’s fictional club, Blades, first appeared on our screens in DAD where Pierce Brosnan fenced and had a brief conversation with Madonna!

In QoS the Reform Club stands in for the Foreign Office.

Nearest Station: Charing Cross, Green Park or Piccadilly Circus

Vauxhall Cross – The SIS Headquarters

Films: Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Skyfall

The real home of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, the building at Vauxhall Cross is famous the world over as the home of MI6 in the Bond films.

Although destroyed in Skyfall, visitors will still find it standing safely in one piece on the riverbanks of the Thames.

Nearest Station: Vauxhall

Here are a couple of locations that weren’t in films, but still have a place in James Bond history!

16 Victoria Square

Bond Connection: Fleming moved into this property in March of 1953 and it was here that he wrote 12 of his James Bond novels, before dying here in 1964.

Nearest Station: Victoria

Buckingham Palace

Bond Connection: In case you missed the widely-celebrated Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, Daniel Craig as James Bond traveled to Buckingham Palace (read our post). 

Once inside (followed by a pair of Welsh corgis), he met with the Queen – who then traveled with him to the Olympic Park and then parachuted out of a helicopter into the Olympic Stadium! 

Nearest Station: Green Park or Victoria

Duke’s Hotel

Bond Connection: Duke’s Hotel was a popular haunt of Bond creator Ian Fleming.

It was at this bar that Ian first thought of the infamous “shaken, not stirred” line. 

It’s also said that both Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery celebrated their casting as James Bond with, of course, a martini.

The bar is still open, still pouring martinis, and can be visited by Bond…or civilians just like us.

Nearest Station: Green Park or Piccadilly Circus

27 Green Street

Bond Connection: This fabulous townhouse was the birthplace of Ian Fleming on the 28th of May 1908.

Nearest Station: Marble Arch


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Updated: October 23rd, 2022
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