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7 Places to Store Luggage in London

Updated: November 16, 2023
 By Margaret

In this post, we offer several different options for luggage storage in London.

We include storage lockers, service stations, hotels, and a service that will pick up and drop off your bags.

As local tour guides, we are often asked where someone could store luggage, which firstly should be their hotel.

But not everyone stays at a hotel, and if you do, it's not always convenient to leave your luggage there.

Often, our guests take a tour with us before checking in or just after checking out of their accommodations.

So, understandably, they want to drop their bags off somewhere safe and convenient.

So, we've used the experiences we've had helping travelers out to create this post.

Additionally, we also run our popular London Travel Tips Facebook group, where we also answer questions including luggage storage options.

Luggage Storage Locations in London

Our group consists of locals, like us tour guides, expats, regular visitors, as well as newbies to London.

There's no need to become a member to search for and read the posts, comments, and suggestions.

So, check out the group once you are finished with this post.

7 Places to Store Luggage in London

There are a few different ways to store your luggage upon arrival in London, including the following options:

1. Ask Your Hotel

If you're staying at a hotel, you may want to ask them if they would be able to store your luggage while you head out for sightseeing or other activities.

What's great about this option is it's likely free, though you should tip a few $$ per bag.

2. Luggage Storage (App Based)

Several storage companies offer a service that allows you to drop off your luggage at hundreds of different shops, restaurants, and other locations all over London.

These services usually cost between $5-6 per bag per day.

3. Left Luggage (At the Airport/Train Station)

Both the airports and train stations in London offer left luggage storage services.

This is probably the easiest option, but you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Here are a few locations with luggage lockers or other storage services either on site or nearby:

  • London Heathrow Airport
  • Liverpool Street Station
  • Charing Cross Station
  • Paddington Station
  • Waterloo Station
  • Euston Station

4. Storage Centre (Self Storage)

These companies offer a fixed rate per bag stored, and they charge daily or weekly, which makes this an excellent option for long-term storage.

5. Luggage Delivery (To the Airport)

This service will pick up your bags from anywhere you want and deliver them to the airport or train station of your choice.

This might be a good option for anyone who has too many bags to carry themselves.

6. Shopping Centre Storage

You can also drop your bags off at Westfield shopping centres.

Westfield London offers rates of £3 per small item, £5 for small bags and suitcases, and £7 for large luggage.

Westfield Stratford City is £3 for any small item, £5 for bags or luggage for up to 4 hours, and £10 for all-day storage.

7. Tourist Information Centre

The Greenwich Tourist Information Centre offers storage for £5 per item for up to 3 hours, £8 for 24 hours, and £10 for each additional day.

This is a bit more expensive than other options.


These storage services are an interesting alternative to left luggage, and in many cases may even be less costly.

Rather than leaving your bags at a facility in the train station or airport, these companies work with nearby restaurants and shops to offer storage space.

These services have partnered with storage locations within a short walk of many top London attractions, including the following:

  • Big Ben
  • London Eye
  • Tate Modern
  • National Gallery
  • Natural History Museum
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London
  • Science Museum
  • Tower Bridge
  • And more!

Most of the companies offering this service have an app that you can use to locate the nearest drop-off location, so you'll never have trouble finding a place to store your luggage.


Stasher and its competitors below employ a system that allows you to simply pay a fee to leave your bags at a certified location nearest you.

Rather than store your luggage at a storage centre or left luggage facility, you can now drop off your bags at a wide range of shops and restaurants around the city!

All include insurance coverage for lost or damaged items.

The best thing about Stasher is their pricing, just £6 per bag for the whole day.

If you plan to get the London Pass, a tourist attraction discount pass, you will be entitled to 15% off.

Click here for more information.

NOTE: Stasher, like many of its competitors below, also offers services in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, and many other cities.

Additional Companies

There are several other companies offering a similar service.

Some have a few side benefits that are worth noting below. Some might offer more convenient locations for you than Stasher.


Nannybag is a reputable service with hundreds of locations in dozens of cities in Europe.

In London alone, they have over 100 luggage storage locations and provide generous insurance of £1300 per bag, which is included in the price.

Their prices are very good: £6 per bag per day.

Click here to learn more and find a convenient location near you.

TIP: Use the London Sightseeing Pass to save an extra 20%. Alternatively, you can also use coupon code FREETOURSBYFOOT to receive an additional 10% off!


This is one of the fastest-growing luggage storage companies in the world.

Their rates are some of the most competitive in the industry, with prices starting at just £5 per bag per day.

If you're looking to save even more, make sure to use the promo code FREETOURSBYFOOT at checkout for an extra 5% off!

Bounce offers up to £10,000 of insurance for your luggage, and they provide 24/7 customer support to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

This company currently has around 200 storage locations in London, so you shouldn't have many issues finding a place to drop off your luggage.

Learn more about Bounce.

TIP: Use the London Sightseeing Pass to save an extra 10%.


Vertoe Luggage

Vertoe is an on-demand short-term storage service provider. They have 500+ locations worldwide and now Vertoe is available in London!

Vertoe is currently active at more than 20 locations in London covering all major landmarks including King Cross Station, Victoria Station, Heathrow Airport, Paddington, and London Bridge.

Many of their locations are open 24/7 for extended convenience.

Vertoe offers the cheapest rates in London with a starting online price of £5.95/ day.

Group bookings lead to added discounts with even more affordable pricing.

Radical Storage

Radical Storage is a unique company that offers storage locations that are more varied than just shops.

Their storage sites, also known as ‘Angels’, maybe a restaurant/bar/cafe, a hotel, a bike rental shop, a laundromat, or almost any other kind of business.

The cost is $5 per bag for 24 hours and reservations are non-refundable.

Click here to make your reservations.

Other Luggage Storage Facilities

  • Luggage Hero -- Prices start at £1 per day based on size, and more than 120 locations across London. Check out their website for more information.


Most major train stations, coach stations, and all airports offer left luggage facilities.

These are simple storage spaces that can be rented out on an hourly or daily basis.

This is probably the easiest and most familiar option for most travelers, because it's right at the airport or train station.

All you have to do is find the left luggage service (which is usually near your terminal) and drop off your items.

Visitors can either pay upon arrival or pay online in advance to save some time.

Hours vary for each left luggage location. However, most are open between 7 am - 11 pm, so luggage can be dropped off and collected between those hours.

For guests seeking overnight storage, there is 24-hour CCTV coverage to ensure that all left luggage is kept secure.

To pre-book a left luggage storage space at a London train station or airport, click here to be taken to the Left Luggage booking site run by Excess Baggage Company.

Left Luggage at Victoria Train Station 

One of the busiest train stations in the city, London Victoria also features a left luggage facility.

It is open daily between 7 am - 10.45 pm, and costs just £3.00 per item for the first 2 hours, £5 per item under 20kg for 2-24 hours, and £7 per item over 20kg for 2-24 hours.

We have other Victoria Station luggage storage options listed here, including flexible, Airbnb-style options.

Left Luggage at Other London Train Stations

  • London King's Cross. Platforms 16-18. Open 7 am - midnight.
  • London Charing Cross. Main concourse. Open 7 am - 11 pm.
  • London Liverpool Street. Platform 10. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London Euston. Platform 16-18. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London Paddington. Platform 12. Open 7 am-11 pm.
  • London St Pancras International. Main concourse. Open Monday-Saturday 5:30am0-11 pm; Sunday 7 am-10 pm.
  • London Waterloo. Exit 6 on the South Bank. 7 am-11 pm.
  • Prices for storage vary by station and length of time, so please see Left Luggage to find out what to expect to pay.

Left Luggage at London Airports

The following luggage storage services are provided by the company Excess Baggage.

London Heathrow Airport

  • Terminal 2 -- Arrivals. Main Concourse. Open 5am-11pm. £7.50 per item for 0-3 hours of storage, £12.50 for 3-24 hours, £20 for the 2nd day, £27.50 for the 3rd day, and £5 for every day after.
  • Terminal 3 -- Arrivals. Near Car Hire desks. Open 5am-11pm. £6 per item for 0-2 hours, £11 for 2-24 hours, £18.50 for the 2nd day, £26 for the 3rd day, and £5 for each day after.
  • Terminal 4 -- Arrivals Hall West End. Open 5:30am-11pm. £6 per item for 0-2 hours, £11 for 2-24 hours, £18.50 for the 2nd day, £26 for the 3rd day, and £5 for each day after.
  • Terminal 5 -- Arrivals. UK Arrivals End. Open 5:30am-11pm. £6 per item for 0-2 hours, £11 for 2-24 hours, £18.50 for the 2nd day, £26 for the 3rd day, and £5 for each day after.

London Gatwick Airport

  • South Terminal -- Arrivals Hall at the back of the check-in area. Open 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • North Terminal -- Close to the inter-terminal shuttle. Open 5am - 10 pm each day.
  • £6 per item for up to 3 hours. £11 per item for 3-24 hours. £7.50 per day until day 3. £5 per day after day 3.

London Luton Airport

  • Across from Bar Des Voyageurs in the Main Terminal -- Open 24 hours.
  • £5 per item for 2 hours, £10 per item for 2-24 hours, and £5 for each extra day.

These two locations offer left luggage storage from different companies.

London City Airport

  • Information Desk -- £10 per item per 24 hours

London Stansted Airport

  • Airport services desk at the international arrivals landside in Zone A -- Open 24 hours.
  • £8 per day or £48 per week for small suitcases and bags, £10 per day or £60 per week for regular-size suitcases or luggage, and £20 per day or £120 per week for large items and bags.
  • Service provided by Luggage-Point.

Left Luggage at Victoria Coach Station

In addition to the left luggage options at train stations and airports throughout London, there are also storage facilities at the Victoria Coach Station.

If you're planning to use the coach for any day trips, this could be an excellent option.

  • Open daily between 8:30 am-10 pm.
  • £5 per item for p to 3 hours. £7.50 per item for up to 6 hours. £10 per item for up to 24 hours. £6 for each additional day.


Another trend in this industry is the rise of luggage delivery services.

This company collects your bags directly from your doorstep and then deliver them to your destination airport, or delivered to your address after checking them in at the airport.

If you have a lot of luggage that needs to be transported across town, this is an excellent way to avoid the struggle of doing it all yourself.

The idea behind this service is to ensure you don't have to carry all of your bags through the airport, and they deliver your luggage to the plane, making the entire process of boarding much easier.


AirPortr is the most well-known company providing this service in London.

Fees start at £19 per bag, though the overall cost can vary a lot depending on distance and type of service.

They have an online chat and 24-hour call centre so you can speak to a representative at any time.

If you have a long layover and don't want to bother with storing your luggage, then this is a great option as it ensures that your bags will be waiting for you at your final destination once you arrive.


These facilities are traditional storage centres in which you drop your bags at a specific location and pay a fixed rate per bag.

As companies such as Stasher become more popular, fewer people are using companies like the ones listed below.

However, if you are looking for long-term storage options, then these offer a competitive option.

This type of storage is especially good for anyone who needs to store their luggage for more than a week or two, as they frequently offer discounts on 4-8 weeks of service.

Access Self Storage at King's Cross

Located very conveniently just opposite King's Cross, Access Self Storage is a cheap way to store luggage for a full day in central London.

Not only is King's Cross one of the most popular train stations in London, but it is also within walking distance of many tourist attractions such as the British Museum, Camden Town, and Covent Garden.

The cost of storage is £8.50 per item, per day.

  • Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30 am-6:00 pm; Sat: 8:30 am-5:00 pm; Sun: 10:00 am-4:00 pm
  • Located at: Belgrove House, Belgrove Street, King's Cross, London WC1H 8AA

ABC Self Store

Additionally, visitors can opt for a self-storage option such as ABC Self Storage, which has a facility in Camden, Southwark, and Wandsworth.

SafeStore Self Storage

Another self-storage option is SafeStore, which offers a discount for those hoping to store luggage for long-term stays.

SafeStore has 107 locations around London, guaranteeing that there is always a storage facility nearby.

What is the Cheapest Luggage Storage in London?

Due to the way that luggage storage companies charge their rates, the cheapest option will depend on what type of service you need.

Here are 3 factors to consider when choosing which company to work with.

1. If you need this service for 24 hours or less...

Your best bet will likely be either app-based storage companies or left luggage.

That said, while left luggage companies offer hourly rates, they are often just as expensive for a few hours of storage as the app-based companies charge for an entire day.

For instance, if you were to leave a bag at left luggage in Heathrow Airport, the least you could expect to pay would be £6 for up to 2 hours or £11 for a whole day.

In comparison, Stasher offers prices of just £6 for an entire day, which would make it cheaper and leave less room for mistakes.

2. If you need this service for 24-72 hours or less...

You will absolutely want to consider either app-based storage or a storage centre. The problem with left luggage companies is that they charge their highest rates within this window of time.

If you leave your bag at left luggage at Heathrow Airport for more than 24 hours, you might be charged up to £18.50 for the second day.

If you leave luggage with them for a third day, they'll charge £26 for the 48-72 hour period. This makes it £55.50 for just three days of storage (including £11 for the first day)!

In comparison, app-based storage companies charge just £5-£6 per day, meaning you'd pay around £18 for 3 days. The difference is massive!

3. If you need this service for a week or more...

Obviously, left luggage is going to be out of the question for people who need long-term storage. App-based services are still a great option, as many of them offer discounts for weekly or monthly storage.

One great example is Vertoe, which provides customers with 15% off for weekly storage and 30% off for monthly storage.

That said, you may want to consider a storage centre for any period of time longer than a month because they often offer deep discounts on 8-12 weeks of service.


Traveling to other cities as well?

Check out our luggage storage post for solutions in all major European and North American cities, or click below:

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