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The Lincoln Memorial Parking and Metro

how to get here, parking, hours, and a self-guided tour.

Updated: October 29, 2023

Visiting the Lincoln Memorial is a must-do while in Washington, DC!  It is the most visited memorial in the city, with 6 million people coming to see it every year. 

It is completely free to visit the Lincoln Memorial and there is no ticket required but you do need to know how to get there!

A great way to find the Lincoln Memorial is on one of our tours!

Our National Mall, National Mall & Tidal Basin and Memorials and Moonlight include a stop at the Lincoln Memorial. See our schedule of tours.


The Lincoln Memorial address is 2 Lincoln Circle Circle, NW, Washington, DC 20037 (map).

Click on the map for directions to the memorial from anywhere in D.C.

Nearest Metro Station to Lincoln Memorial

Its location is the only downside of the Lincoln Memorial, as it is not near any Metro station and parking can be limited.


The closest Metro station to the Lincoln Memorial is Foggy Bottom (Blue-Orange-Silver).  

It’s about a 15 to 20-minute walk (directions), depending on your speed from the Metro station to the Lincoln Memorial.

There is only one exit at Foggy Bottom which lets you out on 23rd Street.

Just come out of the metro, make an immediate right turn onto 23rd Street, and follow that down until you see the memorial.  

Alternatively, you can also reach the memorial via Smithsonian Metro (Blue-Orange-Silver).

This will take you 25 minutes (directions), but you will also be passing the Washington Monument and World War 2 Memorials.


If you are planning on utilizing the hop-on-hop-off bus tour in D.C. then be aware that all companies stop at the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial Bus

You could also utilize the Circulator Bus, which is a public bus designed for tourists and a great deal ($1) if you aren't looking for commentary along the way. 


The bike-share program, Capital BikeShare, which is very useful for visitors to the National Mall has a bike station conveniently located just to the southeast of the memorial.  

There are also bike stands for rented or personal bicycles located just northeast of the memorial.


The Lincoln Memorial is fully wheelchair accessible.

There are ramps leading from street level to the basement of the memorial, where an elevator to the statue chamber is located.

The entrance is on the southeast corner of the memorial. There is no need to take any steps to reach the statue.  

There are restrooms and water fountains here as well. There are no metal detectors or security stands at the Memorial.


Free parking can be found all along Ohio Drive (green lines), just to the south of the Memorial.  

Just be patient, as visitors are coming and going frequently, so you will eventually get a spot there. 

There is additional free parking just below the Jefferson Memorial (green circle). 

Parking at the Lincoln Memorial

The farther away from the Lincoln you park, obviously the longer a walk you must make.

Therefore, it makes good sense to plan to visit the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the George Mason Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial all in one visit.  

We recommend booking convenient and affordable parking in advance through SpotHero, the nation’s leading parking reservation app.

To reserve your parking spot, visit the National Mall SpotHero Parking Page, and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up.

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Updated: October 29th, 2023
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