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Things to Do in in London in September

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This post is our list of the best things to do in London in September, including free, family-friendly, as well as nighttime activities, updated for 2021.

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If you are considering visiting many top attractions, taking a cruise, or a bus tour, then you should consider a tourist discount card or a bus tour combo ticket

These tickets and bundles could save you some serious money. 

For more ideas for activities to do, check our popular posts: 

1) Attend a Concert

London is full of music venues and you can be sure that no matter which month you’re in town there will be a big-name artist or group performing.

This September is no different, with multiple big tours coming through London.

Take a look to see all the concerts happening in London.

2) See a Sporting Event

There are a few exciting matches happening in September in London. If you’re a fan of football or cricket, it’s time to start planning your game days. 

Football (Soccer)


Take a look to see the other sporting events happening in London! 

NOTE: It has not yet been confirmed that these events will be open to the public in September of 2021.

If the vaccination rollout continues at a good pace and Covid-19 numbers drop significantly, there's a pretty good chance that tickets for these games will become available.

3) Go to a Comedy Show

Although theatrical shows might be starting back up around this time, schedules are still up in the air due to the pandemic.

One thing we do know for sure is that there are a few comedians scheduled to make an appearance in London during September, including a rare opportunity to see Trevor Noah.

If you're in need of a laugh, consider getting tickets for one of the following shows:

There's a chance even more comedians will schedule shows in September as the month approaches, so make sure to check this list of comedy shows to see what else might be happening.

4) Go on a Sightseeing Tour

September is a great time of year to take a walking tour and we offer highly-rated tours of London that are pay-what-you-like tours -  which means they are tours for every budget!

See our current schedule.

City of London Walk Video

Our Westminster Tour visits “Royal London” while our City of London Tour takes you through the oldest part of London.

Want to see both but don't have a lot of time? Take our 6-hour London-All-in-One Tour

Other popular tours include: 

If you aren’t a fan of walking tours, why not try the popular hop-on-hop-off buses

TIP: Keep in mind that if you get a London tourist pass, you can get tickets to some great tours for free or at a steep discount.

5) Go to a Music Festival

There are a lot of different music festivals taking place in London this month, many of them featuring performances from well-known bands or artists.

Here are just a few of the festivals you might want to consider:

The examples above only scratch the surface of events taking place this month. For even more options, check this list of music festivals in London.

6) Underbelly Festival in Southbank

The Underbelly Festival has been a fun pop-up festival from April - September every year for the last 11 years.

You can find live circus acts, cabarets, stand-up comedy, live bands, and Podcast Live shows, among other events.

The festival runs through September 26th, 2021. Tickets to most of the shows or events are generally under £20. 

TIP: Our London Night Tour starts nearby so consider joining us for a stroll along the river after you’ve enjoyed your show! Find more nighttime activities in London here.

8) London Design Festival

A celebration of London as the design capital of the world will see works of art and design popping up throughout the entire city.

London is well-known for attracting the best design companies and talent.

The LDF showcases designers from around the globe and allows London the chance to show-off its status as a leader in the creative industries.

Expect talks and lessons, tours, and exhibitions, as well as special events at museums and galleries all around London. 

Many of the events and gallery showings are free to attend! You can find events from September 18th-26th, 2021.

9) BBC Proms & Proms in the Park 2021 

BBC Proms is famous for providing lots of high-quality classical and contemporary concerts at an affordable price.

From July 30th to September 11th, 2021, there will be a full schedule of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and other venues multiple nights per week. 

If you're looking for other evening activities, check out our things to do in London at night post.

10) Save with a Tourist Attraction Discount Pass 

You can save both time and money by getting a tourist discount pass for your trip to London! Passes work by bundling entry tickets to multiple attractions or tours and passing the discounts on to you.

This means you can get into some attractions for free, and many will have a 20% or 50% discount depending on the pass.

Most of these passes include skip-the-line entry, which will save you valuable time waiting in line.

Make sure to read the full post covering London discount passes.

RESCHEDULED: London Fashion Week

September means Fashion Week here in London. People will be traveling from all over the world to be dazzled at one of the many couture catwalk shows.

There are lectures and panels about fashion trends with influential industry insiders. Shopping at industry-inside prices is another activity.

You can update your wardrobe with items from over 150 British and international designer brands, all in one place.

With dozens of events to choose from, there are activities and experiences for every budget. 

NOTE: This event was rescheduled for June in 2021.

London Travel Tips and Hacks


Below we list some of the free things to do in London in September, including events and fun attractions. 

For more ideas on cost-free activities, do check out our top 10 free things to do any time of year, as well as our guide to London on a Budget.

London Open House

London Open House is one of the biggest events in London’s social calendar. Dozens of city landmarks open their doors to the public for one weekend only.

Get behind the scenes in government buildings, take lifts to the top of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers, and delve underground to see the historic remains of London’s past.

Best of all - this event is entirely FREE. 

Watch a Parliament Debate

The Houses of Parliament return from their summer recess during the first week of September which means the public galleries in the Palace of Westminster will be opening their doors to visitors once again.

Take in a debate in the iconic House of Commons, or surround yourself in opulence in the historic House of Lords. There’s no fee to enter, so take an opportunity to visit a royal palace for FREE!

TIP: Our Westminster Tour finishes across the street from the Palace of Westminster so consider making this the next stop after your walk with us! 

NOTE: You might be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing to enjoy this activity in 2021. They may also limit access to debates due to the pandemic.

Escape the Crystal Palace Maze

This hidden London gem is situated in the stunning grounds of Crystal Palace Park. Built in the 1870s, the Crystal Palace Maze is one of the largest in the country with a diameter of 160ft!

A tricky mix of hedgerows and pathways, navigating your way through the maze is no easy feat. Explore it all without having to pay a penny! 

For more ideas on cost-free activities, do check out our top 10 free things to do any time of year, as well as our guide to London on a Budget.



London doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! Check out these activities that take place at nighttime. 

For more ideas on night activities at any time of the year, be sure to read our definitive guide on things to do at night in London and check out the top 10 video below.



Take a Night Walking Tour  

Like our walking tours mentioned above, our evening tours are also offered on a pay-what-you-like basis so no matter what your budget, you can join us.

We have 6 evening/night tours including a Harry Potter Film Location tour, a Twilight River Walk and night versions of our classic Westminster tour and City of London tour mentioned above.

Jack the Ripper Tour Video

For the braver souls, our Jack the Ripper tour and our London Ghost tour are waiting just for you.

For availability, check our calendar

Drink Moonshine 

Enter the wild west at one of London’s newest cocktail experiences at The Moonshine Saloon. Guests will travel back in time as they descend into a hidden western world.

Smuggle in a bottle of your favorite spirit, covertly hand it to the bartender, and they will craft specially made moonshine out of it. But watch out for the sheriff - he’s always on the lookout for smugglers! 

Explore London Dungeon...After Dark

September is the perfect time of year to start enjoying spooky attractions.

The London Dungeon has been educating and scaring visitors for over the last decade - and now, to make things even spookier, they’re doing it at night with London Dungeon Lates. 

A mash-up of theatre, special effects, storytelling, and surprises, it’s a walkthrough London’s gruesome past.

Oh - and there’s a cocktail in it for you, too! 

For more ideas on night activities at any time of the year, be sure to read our definitive guide on things to do at night in London and check out the top 10 video below.



Below are just some of the many things to do with kids in September in London. 


For more ideas, read the family section of our free things to do in London post. 

Surround Yourself With Toys at Legoland

Legoland is open all year round but the weather is perfect during September!

This is an entire world made of Lego. With rides, restaurants, activities and even hotels, Legoland is the setting for a completely immersive experience.

Travel through time, drive a car, go underwater, or walk through shockingly accurate recreations of the world’s most iconic landmarks. This is a real day out for the whole family. 

Take a Harry Potter Tour

Let us introduce you to the behind-the-scenes world of Harry Potter.

Our walking tour takes guests through locations used in filming, areas mentioned in the book, and everything in between.

Harry Potter London Locations Tour Video

Walk in the footsteps of the world’s most famous wizard with Free Tours By Foot! We offer during the day as well as early evening. Check our calendar to see what times the tour runs. 

Get Totally Thames at The Thames Festival

Returning for another year, this festival celebrates all that the River Thames has to offer.

River cruises, walking tours, art exhibitions and performances take place all along the 42-mile stretch of the Thames in London.

The events are geared toward families during the day, so take the little ones down to the water for face painting, snacks, regattas, and races! 

NOTE: This event has not been confirmed for September 2021.


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