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Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to Rome City Center

Updated: August 26, 2023

This post provides you with options to get from the Leonardo da Vinci Airport - Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to the city center in Rome (and vice versa).

We include information on all options for airport transfers, including trains, buses, shuttles, private cars, and taxis. 

Rome has 2 major airports, Leonardo da Vinci Airport, also known as Fiumicino Airport (FCO), and Ciampino Airport (CIA).

The busier airport is Fiumicino and this is where most visitors to Rome fly into. It is located 34 km (21 miles) from Rome's center.


There are two different trains running out of Fiumicino Airport, both run by Trenitalia, Italy's main national train operator.

The first and more expensive option, the Leonardo Express train, is designed to take you directly and quickly to Roma Termini Station, the city's central train station. 

The cheaper option, the FR1 local train, services some of the suburbs and surrounding areas of Rome, where it connects to Rome's metro system. But, it does not terminate at Roma Termini Station. 

The express train is not always the wisest option, as it depends on where you are staying.

We suggest using this Google map link for exact mass transit directions from Fiumicino Airport to anywhere in Rome and its environs. 

You can purchase train tickets at the airport. There are large red automated ticket machines in the baggage claim and throughout the airport. 

Leonardo Express Ticket Machine

Purchasing tickets is easy enough, but keep in mind that during peak season, you could be dealing with long lines.

It is possible to purchase tickets in advance.

Signs pointing you to the train platforms at Fiumicino Airport are numerous and easy to follow and the walkway from baggage claim to the train station is covered and easy to use.

The Leonardo Express

This train is one of the easiest and, for many, most affordable methods for traveling to Rome's city center.

The Leonardo Express is a direct service that travels from Terminal 3 to Termini Station and takes 30 minutes, with departure times every 15 min.

Termini Station is located very close to several major landmarks and hotels, making it easy for most travelers to reach their destination with ease.

Be aware that this is the most popular transport option on our list and the train can get very busy during peak seasons. 

One consideration for this train and all public transport options that terminate at Termini is whether your hotel or other accommodation will require an additional long journey from the terminus. 

If so, you might consider the local train, a shared shuttle, or a taxi to save time. 

  • Ticket Price: €17.90 per person for a one-way ticket
  • Availability: Daily from 6:23 am - 11:23 pm
  • Duration: 30 minutes (departs every 15 min)
  • Children under 12 ride for free w/ paying adults.
  • No size limit on luggage.
  • Click here to purchase in advance.

The link above should allow you to purchase tickets, but if it fails, we recommend using Kayak instead.

Important: You must pick a train time for advanced purchases and there are no refunds. So, if your flight is delayed, you may lose your ticket.

With an average score of 3 ½ out of 5 stars, it's fair to say that reviews for this service are pretty good but mixed. 

FL1 Regional Train

(previously the FR1 Train)

Depending on where you are staying, you may want to consider taking the FL1 Regional Train instead, which also leaves from Terminal 3.

This train does not offer service to Termini Station, but it does stop at several stations with connections to Rome's subway (both the A and B lines), buses, and tram.

Read our post on mastering Rome's metro system

For some riders, this option may actually be quicker than the express train, particularly those staying on the outskirts of town, such as Trastevere (just 26 min), Ostiense (28 min), or even in the city center, such as Campo de Fiori or the Pantheon area. 

Departure times are every 15 - 30 minutes.

It's best to use this Google Maps link and enter your accommodation's address. 

FL1 map stop from airport

In addition to offering stops on the outskirts of Rome, this train is also much more affordable than the Leonardo Express.

Additionally, the FL1 runs about as often as its competitor – once every 15 minutes during periods of heavy traffic. 

  • Ticket Price: €8 per person for a one-way ticket
  • Availability: Daily from 5:58 am - 10:28 pm
  • Duration: 30-50 minutes (departs every 15-30 minutes)
  • One child and all toddlers ride free with every Adult Ticket
  • Tickets can be purchased at the airport train station ticket window and self-service ticket machines.
  • You can also use Kayak to purchase tickets.

Although there aren’t many reviews for the FR1 Local Train, some of the people who use this service appreciate the fact that it is much cheaper than the Leonardo Express.

Passengers also tend to find this train more convenient for transferring to the Rome Metro.

Transfers may cost extra, but depending on where you’re planning to go, this may actually be a more cost-effective option for reaching your destination.


If you don't mind sharing a ride with other people, you might want to consider this relatively low-cost option.

Shared shuttle services typically use a nice van to take passengers from the airport to Rome's city center.

The cost of one ride is spread across each customer, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free trip to Rome without paying a premium price.

If you don't mind purchasing your seat ahead of time, this could be your best bet.

Reviews for these services are excellent, with most companies receiving a rating of about 4 ½ out of 5 stars (read reviews here).

Most customers indicated that their driver was right on time, but others had to wait for 10-20 minutes before their shuttle arrived.

Even when having to wait, most travelers agree that the service is great and definitely worth the price.


It probably won't surprise anyone to find that the bus is going to be your most economical choice for reaching the city center.

Bus tickets are cheaper than every other option on this list, and there are four different services to consider.

Most of these shuttles will take you to either Termini Station or a nearby location.

While the Terravision, T.A.M., and S.I.T. buses run several times during the day, you'll want to take the Cotral bus after dark. 

S.I.T. Bus

(our recommended choice). SIT Rome Airport Bus averages 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 7000 reviews on Get Your Guide (read the reviews here).

  • Ticket Prices: €7 per person
  • Availability: Daily from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Duration: 50 minutes on average
  • This bus will take you to Piazza Indipendenza near Termini Station
  • Click here for more details.

T.A.M. Bus

  • Ticket Prices: €6 per person | €11 for a return ticket
  • Availability: Daily from 8 am - 11:30 pm
  • Duration: 45 minutes on average
  • This bus will take you to Termini Station
  • Click here for more details.

Terravision Bus

  • Ticket Prices: €6 per person (online)
  • Return Ticket: €11 per person (online)
  • Availability: Daily from 5:35 am - 11:00 pm
  • Duration: 45 minutes on average
  • The Terravision airport bus will take you to Termini Station.
  • Click here for more details.

Cotral Bus

  • Ticket Prices: €5 per person (ahead of time) | €7 on the bus
  • Availability: Nightly from 1:15 am - 5:00 am
  • Duration: 50 minutes on average
  • This bus will take you to Piazza dei Cinquecento near Termini Station
  • Click here for more details.

While the Terravision service does not have very good reviews, S.I.T. enjoys a rating of 3 ½ out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Visitors who took the T.A.M. bus were also fairly positive and gave the company an overall score of 3 out of 5 stars.

When it comes to Cotral's overnight service, travelers indicate that it is pretty safe and reliable.

While a lot of people suggest that these buses are very good for the ticket price, there are also several complaints about inaccurate schedules and late arrivals. 


At all of the airport's terminals, you'll most likely be greeted with dozens of white taxis that are ready and waiting to offer transport.

Thankfully, all taxis serving the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport have a fixed fare for all travelers looking to reach the city center.
Although this is still one of the most expensive options on the list, it's also very easy and it could, in fact, be very affordable for larger groups.

If you're visiting with a family of at least four, you may find that a taxi is even cheaper than the Leonardo Express!

  • Ticket Price: €50 per taxi
  • Availability: Daily at almost any time
  • Duration: 30-45 minutes on average
  • Fairs are fixed at one low price
  • Traveling with 4 or more people brings the price down to €12.50 per person
  • Click here for additional details.

The Rome airport taxis are typically rated 2 ½ stars out of 5.

While several travelers report a positive experience with these taxis, others have indicated that some drivers aren't very trustworthy.

Quite a few visitors appreciate the fact that modern taxis are very clean and new, but there are reviews suggesting that this trip isn't worth the cost.

Families were the least likely to take issue with this service, and we recommend this option to groups of 3 or more if you want to save on travel expenses and avoid potential scams.

NOTE: If you're traveling to a destination other than the city center, you may be fined more than the fixed amount of €48. Please keep this in mind before hailing a taxi.

TIP: If you're planning to get a taxi, consider purchasing the Rome Airport Taxi & Transport Card instead. For €62, you'll get a taxi transfer from the airport and a 3-day public transport pass!


Uber/Private Cars

If all else fails and you don't feel like waiting for a bus or a train, you can always get an Uber or call for a private car.

This is going to be the most costly option, but it will also be one of the best ways to get anywhere you want to go in Rome.

You may want to consider these services if your hotel isn't very close to Termini Station or if you will be arriving at the airport later in the night.

Although it's difficult to find accurate reviews for Uber, private shuttle services typically receive ratings as high as 4 ½ out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Travelers who use these private vehicles typically report that drivers are prompt, quick, and very helpful.

Some customers even indicated that their experience was worth the extra money. 


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Updated: August 26th, 2023
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