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What to Do in December in Berlin

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This post covers things to do in December in Berlin, including free, nighttime, Christmas, as well as family-friendly activities, all updated for 2021.




This top 10 list will help you narrow down your options in Berlin for the best concerts, events, and attractions to see and participate in during December.

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1) See a Variety Show

There are almost always a number of different variety shows to see in Berlin no matter when you plan to visit.

The Wintergarten is typically a great place to catch one of these shows, and they will be hosting the 20s Variety Revue this December. 



Families will also have the chance to see the variety show Cinnamon and Magic, which will be performing the tale of "Sterntaler," a fairy tale popularized by the Brothers Grimm.

If you're looking for more nighttime activities, check out the section below.

The Berlin Welcome Card includes 25% off tickets to variety shows at the Wintergarten.

2) Attend a Football Game

Berlin is home to two popular football clubs, and both will be playing home games this December

If you’re interested in seeing two of the best teams in Europe, consider going to one of their matches listed below the video.



Hertha BSC Tickets

  • Arminia Bielefeld | Dec 10th
  • Borussia Dortmund | Dec 17th

FC Union Berlin

  • RB Leipzig | Dec 3rd
  • Slavia Prague | Dec 9th
  • SC Freiburg | Dec 14th

NOTE: Hertha BSC calls the historic Olympiastadion their home. If you want to learn more about this notable landmark, consider taking a tour of Olympic Stadium.

3) Go to a Concert

No matter what time of year it is, Berlin always seems to attract some of the biggest musical performers in the world.

There will be at least a few great concerts to see during the month of December. 

See the list of more top shows below the video.



Top December Concerts:

You may also want to consider experiencing a classical concert at Charlottenburg Palace on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You can check out the rest of December’s events here.

4) Visit a Holiday Market

A visit to the Christmas market is a family-friendly and technically free thing to do in December. 

Berlin probably has more than 100 big and small Christmas or winter markets of different types all over the city offering mulled wine, winter food like creamed mushrooms or kale and sausage stews. 

If you are into exquisite sweets and craftsmanship, the beautiful market at Gendarmenmarkt might be your cup of tea. 



If you like action and enjoy roller coaster rides, the Christmas market close to Alexa shopping center near Alexanderplatz would be a great choice, just to name a couple. 

For more great examples, please read our post about Christmas markets in Berlin. You might even want to consider a Christmas Markets walking tour.

You’ll find even more fun and affordable activities in our section covering free things to do in Berlin.

5) Grab a Festive Drink

During the winter, Berlin’s breweries tend to come up with some excellent seasonal beers that are unlike any you’ll taste anywhere else in the world.

In addition to these brews, you can also expect a lot of delicious and festive cocktails to be available at various pubs in the city.

If you’re interested in finding some of the best places to grab a drink in December, consider going on a Berlin pub crawl.



After you’ve had a nice brew or cocktail, you might want to think about grabbing another local favorite treat – Currywurst!

This delicious and simple meal can be found all over the city, and you can check this list for the best Currywurst in Berlin.

6) Take the Kids Ice Skating

In addition to the rink at the Christmas Garden listed above, there are several ice skating rinks all over the city, with the most popular ones at the Neptunbrunnen (near Alexanderplatz) and Potsdamer Platz.

Depending on which location you visit, you can expect to pay anywhere from €2.50-€5 to rent some ice skates.



Here are a few more locations you can visit to enjoy some ice skating with the kids:

This is just one of the fun activities you can enjoy with the family in Berlin this December. 

NOTE: Some of these locations might be temporarily closed or limiting admission to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

For more ideas, take a look at our section on family-friendly activities

7) Go to the Christmas Garden

Located at the Berlin Botanical Garden, this attraction will be open throughout the month of December from 16:30 (4:30 pm) to 22:00 (10 pm) each night.

In addition to thousands of lights and dozens of lighting displays, there will also be a fun ice rink where visitors can skate and a restaurant serving festive treats. 



General admission is offered via timed tickets, but you can also purchase flex tickets which will allow you to visit whenever you want.

 Timed tickets are only available during weekends (Fri - Sun), but flex tickets can be used 7 days a week.

 Ticket Prices: €18/Adults | €15.50/Children, Students, Seniors

This is one of the best things to do after dark during the month of December. For more great ideas, check our nighttime activities section.

TIP: Although admission to this attraction isn’t included, you can visit the botanical garden at a discount with at least one major Berlin tourist pass.

8) Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Brandenburg Gate

The city of Berlin tends to ring in the new year with a bang, and the party they have planned at Brandenburg Gate is sure to be a hit.

Visitors can expect live bands and DJs to be performing a variety of music and there will also be a fireworks display at midnight.



All of these activities will be entirely free to enjoy, so all you have to do is show up and take part in the festivities!

To prevent overcrowding, this public area is eventually closed off to new visitors. If you want to take part in this event, make sure to arrive early. Gates open at 14:00 (2 pm) and typically close at about 18:30 (6:30 pm).

NOTE: You can expect some activities to be virtual for 2021 due to the pandemic, but we expect there will probably be an in-person element to these festivities as well.

Visitors looking for fun and affordable activities throughout the rest of the month will find even more ideas in our free things to do section.

9) Enjoy a Night at the Opera

Throughout the month, Deutsche Oper Berlin will be hosting more than a few productions that you may enjoy.

Don Quixote will be performed several times this month from December 3rd - 28th. You'll also have the chance to see Tosca on December 8th and 11th.



There will also be opportunities to see popular operas such as The Snow Queen and The Nutcracker in honor of the holidays. 

 If you’re interested in any of these shows, consider getting the Berlin Welcome Card to save 25% off tickets!

10) Save Money Using a Tourist Pass

If you’re planning to enjoy several popular activities in Berlin this December, you may want to consider using a tourist pass to save a few euros.

The all-inclusive pass is one of the most popular options in Berlin, and it provides admission to dozens of different attractions over the course of a specific amount of time (2, 3, 4, 5 days).



There are also discount cards which offer free admission to a few select locations and deals of between 25% - 50% off other notable attractions and activities.

The main advantage of a discount card is that it includes a lot of sites and tours that aren’t available on any other pass.

Here are some of the most popular destinations included with Berlin tourist passes:

  • Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Natural History Museum
  • Aquadom & Sea Life
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Berlin River Cruise
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Berlin TV Tower
  • Panoramapunkt
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • And more!

In addition to all the discounts, these services usually include skip-the-line admission at several locations, making it easy to save both time and money!

No matter which pass you choose, you should be able to save between 20% - 50% off general admission prices.

For more details, please read our post covering Berlin tourist passes.


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This section will cover some of the best free activities you can enjoy in Berlin during the month of December.

Make sure to check our other section for even more ideas such as visiting a Christmas market, celebrating New Year’s Eve at Brandenburg Gate and more.



For even more affordable fun, read our post covering free things to do in Berlin.

Enjoy Christmas Church Services

On Christmas Eve, December 24, there are several church services at many churches all over Berlin. Here are the most centrally located services.

It’s entirely free to come in and enjoy the services at most churches in Berlin.

Visit the Dussmann Bookstore

Whether you are looking for a good read or just want to browse and warm up, the Dussmann bookstore offers a wide range of literature, books, CDs, and more over 3 levels. 

Bookworms will have a blast, and the best of all is, this store is open late (until midnight on weekdays, and 23:30 pm on Saturdays). 

Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, this is definitely a great spot to drop in and take a look around.

A cozy coffee shop/restaurant is attached. The store is located near S-train station Friedrichstrasse.

Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour

We offer several self-guided tours you can take in Berlin which won’t cost a thing to enjoy. If you’re interested in learning more about the city, consider one of the following outings:

For even more self-guided trips, make sure to read our post covering Berlin walking tours.


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The following section covers some of the best things to do after dark in Berlin this December.

Keep an eye on our other sections for more ideas such as concerts, comedy shows, the Christmas Garden, New Year’s Eve at Brandenburg Gate and more.



For additional attractions you can enjoy after the sun goes down, please read our post about things to do at night in Berlin.

Enjoy a Duck or Goose Dinner

 The roast goose seasons starts every year with St. Martin’s Day on November 11, when children walk through the evening streets with self-made lanterns singing carols. 

Goose season is a glorious time for carnivores – the roasted goose dishes come with red cabbage, kale, dumplings, and gravy. Several restaurants all over Berlin participate and offer their guests special goose menus. 

Our favorite places include the beer-hall style Prater Restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, the Jules Vernes in Charlottenburg, or the Ratskeller Köpenick.

See the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

If you’re a fan of classical music, this group will be performing throughout the month of December, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy a live orchestra.

Some of their shows will be Christmas themed, but most of them will feature a variety of classical tunes.

For more information, make sure to check the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra calendar.

See our post on things to do at night in Berlin for even more suggestions.


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In this section, we’ll cover some of the best things to do with your kids in Berlin throughout the month of December.

You’ll find even more great ideas in our other sections above such as sporting events, ice skating, the Christmas Garden and more.



Take the Kids Sledding

Once the snow sticks around, find the nearest park with a nice hill. This is undoubtedly one of the best winter activities in the city, and there are several great places to go sledding including the following locations:

  • Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • Prenzlauer Berg
  • Victoria Park
  • Teufelsberg
  • Kreuzberg
  • Mitte

You can even rent a sled at many locations, which means you don’t have to worry about bringing one with you!

Go to a Christmas Circus

If you’ve ever been to a circus as a child, you can imagine the amazed eyes of the little and big guests when the circus has a Christmas theme!

These events include horses, artistic stunts and entertainment for the whole family during the holiday season. 

Circus Roncalli at Tempodrom near Anhalter Bahnhofn runs from December 17th - January 2nd, and tickets start at about €90 per person.

Take the Family to LEGOLAND

Both kids and adults love LEGO, and there are plenty of fun things to see and do at LEGOLAND in Berlin.

 In addition to 4D theatrical shows and opportunities to build a variety of interesting things, there are also usually themed events based on the holidays, so you’ll probably see at least a few Christmas displays.

Best of all, this attraction is included with one of the most popular Berlin tourist passes, making it easy to save some money on general admission prices.


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