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Best Things to Do in Amsterdam in April

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This post covers the best things to do in Amsterdam in April, including family-friendly, nighttime, as well as free activities, festivals, and events, all updated for 2022. 

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The following list will provide a variety of fun activities in Amsterdam for April 2022.

We include several concerts, sporting events, festivals and other interesting things happening in the city this month.

1) Go to a Concert

No matter when you visit Amsterdam, there are usually at least a few notable musicians performing in this city each month, and April will be no different. 

Here are some of the best concerts you can attend this month:

For even more great musical performances, check this full list of concerts in Amsterdam.

2) Attend a Sporting Event

The month of April will bring multiple games and matches to Amsterdam.

Their popular home team, the AFC Ajax, will have at least one home game.

Ajax Football

If the game dates don’t fit into your schedule, the whole family might enjoy going on an ArenA stadium tour to see where the famous home team spends most of their time. 

For even more great games to attend, check this list of sporting events in Amsterdam.

3) See the Tulip Festival

The Netherlands is known the world over for its bright tulip fields, organized in neat rows.

While you won’t find full fields in Amsterdam’s city centre, you’ll be able to see blooming flowers in more than 80 spots of the city for the entire month of April. 

This includes around buildings, in museum gardens, in streetside planters, and anywhere else flowers can conceivably be planted! The entire city helps plant bulbs each autumn. 

The Tulip Festival website lists all participating locations and has an interactive map to make the tulips easy to find. As of February 2022, they have yet to announce their plans for this year, but the Tulip Festival is still planned for the dates of March 24th - May 15th.

Check here for more details.

If you’re just interested to see the tulip fields, April is the best month to go! You can find several half-day or full-day trips to Keukenhof, the most famous flower field.

Of course, you can also rent a bike and make your own way! 

NOTE: Most major Amsterdam tourist passes will include either transportation to Keukenhof, admission to the gardens, or both.

4) Take a Sightseeing Tour

With the weather beginning to warm up, this is the perfect time to go on a sightseeing tour in Amsterdam, and there are a variety of different outings to choose from.

Here are just a few options you may want to consider this spring:

While a lot of tours will require a ticket, there are some free tours and audio guides you can take which will make it easier to save some money.

We have a list of pay-what-you-like tours you can take here

5) Save Money With a Tourist Pass

If you’re planning to visit multiple popular attractions while in Amsterdam, you could save 50% or more off admission prices by using a tourist pass.

There are three different types of pass to choose from, each one serving a different purpose.

While the all-inclusive pass is excellent for anyone planning at least 4-5 activities per day, a preset package might be better for visitors with limited time.

There is also a museum pass you can use which will grant access to all of the best museums in Amsterdam!

Here are a few of the more notable attractions included with Amsterdam tourist passes:

For additional information on how to use these services and which one will save you the most money, please read our post covering Amsterdam tourist passes.

6) Take the Family to Bredeweg Festival on King's Day 

On April 26th and 27th you'll find celebrations throughout the country for King's Day, which celebrates the birth of King Willem-Alexander.

Amsterdam's city centre will be packed with locals and tourists alike to take part in the festivities.

If you want to find a slightly more family-friendly neighborhood to celebrate in for the weekend, head to Amsterdam-Oost to the southeast of the city centre.

The Bredeweg street festival begins on King’s Night with an open-air opera performance. 

Over the full weekend, you'll find more live music, dancing in the streets, rides for kids, face-painting, street food, a parade, and open-air markets.

If you want to blend in with the locals, wear orange!

NOTE: Check the Amsterdam Bredeweg Festival website for more details.

7) See ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

With spring right around the corner, this would be a great time to take the whole family to Amsterdam’s zoo to see a variety of different animals such as giraffes, zebras, ostriches, tigers and more.

In addition to all the hooved animals, large cats, and reptiles, there is also a butterfly pavilion, an aquarium, and even a planetarium!

There are plenty of educational talks and easy viewing points at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo – which means there's something for everyone. You can even save some money on tickets by using a tourist pass!

We have more suggestions for entertaining the kids in our full family-friendly post

8) Awakenings Easter Festival

Fans of techno and old-school raves will enjoy the annual Awakenings Easter music festival.

Awakenings happens multiple times throughout the year, and one of the most popular times is the four days over Easter weekend. 

The Gashouder venue is part of Awakenings' charm. Built in 1902, it was once the largest gas storage building in Europe.

Now, its circular construction - free of interior pillars - makes a fantastic music festival spot.

Performers have yet to be announced for 2022, but the event is still scheduled for April.

Tickets are sold for the full weekend as well as for individual nights, from Thursday - Sunday.

If you're looking for more evening events, check out our full post covering things to do at night in Amsterdam.

9) See the Dutch Flower Parade

If you’re near Amsterdam on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022, you’ll have the chance to see the most famous flower parade in the country. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the event!

The route covers the same amount of ground as a marathon - 42 km (26 miles). 

You’ll see floats covered entirely with tulips, hyacinths, and other spring flowers. It draws over one million spectators and thousands of volunteers each year. 

The parade begins at the Noordwijk beach at 9:30 am, which is roughly an hour away from Amsterdam’s city centre by train.

It will pass through the charming flower town of Lisse at 15:00 (3:00 pm). If you’re looking to explore smaller Dutch towns, Lisse is perfect with its Parade Market and prime parade viewing spot in the town square. 

If you’re planning a visit to Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and are willing to deal with the crowds, the parade will pass through Keukenhof Boulevard around 15:30 (3:30 pm). 

It ends in Haarlem, an easy 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam, around  21:00 (9:00 pm). 

Looking for more budget-friendly activities? We have a full post about free things to do in Amsterdam.

10) Go to a Museum

It’s always a good time to visit one of the many breathtaking museums in Amsterdam, where you can learn about almost anything from art or history to the current local industry.

Here are a few of Amsterdam's most popular museums:

If you’re interested in visiting more than one of these museums, keep in mind that each one on this list is included at a discount with several available tourist passes

RESCHEDULED: Imagine Film Festival

Film buffs will be excited to learn that the country's biggest film festival will take place over 10 days in April.

It is the 36th year for this event, and fans of fantasy, horror (including eco-horror), and science-fiction will find a flick to enjoy.

In addition to screening different movies, the festival examines how we interact with stories, through virtual reality, games, and other media.

The Eye Film Museum is hosting the Imagine Film Festival from October 26th - November 4th, 2022.

Find more information on the Imagine Film Festival website.



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