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Find the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters and Other Filming Locations

Updated: April 19, 2024

Our local tour guides love the Ghostbusters movies, not just because they are hilarious but because they take place here at home.

And we are pretty excited about the newest movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, coming out in March 2024.

If you are like us, making a pilgrimage to the Ghostbusters locations throughout New York City is something you look forward to during your trip here.

That’s why we put together this list of the top 11 locales from the movie where you can find them, including the most famous: the firehouse used as the Ghostbusters headquarters.

You aren’t alone in wanting to see the Ghostbusters sights.

Take a look at the bottom of this post where we share enthusiastic comments from some of the 230,000 members of our NYC Travel Tips Facebook Group.

You don't need to join the group to read the comments.

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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire at Ladder Company 8

From March 11th, 2024 - March 22nd, 2024, there will be a special event at the official Ghostbusters Firehouse in honor of the new movie.

Be sure to head down there between 9-5 pm to take advantage of this event, including the option to take pictures of the Ecto-1 and interact with the vehicles from the film.


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For a convenient and fun way to see the Firehouse as well as other famous NYC TV show locales, consider the On Location Tours NYC TV and Movie Bus Tour, which includes Ghostbusters locations.


14 North Moore Street and Varick Street

The most recognizable location from the movies, this will probably be the first GB site you'll want to see.

This firehouse was ghostbusting central in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

In the 2016 remake of the movie, the firehouse makes two appearances.

In an ironic homage to the original movies, the team declined to rent the space to start their business because they couldn't afford the exorbitant rent of $21,000 a month.

(That rent is pretty accurate, as the surrounding neighborhood is very posh).  

The firehouse shows up again when the Mayor gives the team the firehouse to use as their new headquarters, in gratitude for saving the city from a ghost invasion.

Built in 1903, this firehouse belongs to Hook and Ladder Company #8.

It's reported that this firehouse was chosen by the movie's writer and main actor Dan Aykroyd, who was familiar with the area and liked the building.

This unique-looking firehouse is immediately recognizable as the Ghostbusters Headquarters.

inside ghostbusters firehouse

However, it was only used for the exterior scenes! Interior scenes were filmed in both a Los Angeles film studio and in a decommissioned Los Angeles firehouse. 

Inside the firehouse, photos of the cast are displayed, including a shot of superstar ghost Ecto 1.

The firemen here at Hook and Ladder Company #8 are known to be super welcoming to visitors.

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Dana and Louis's apartment is at 55 Central Park West at West 66th Street.

This building features prominently in the 1984 film, including the climactic final scene.

In the film, Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver) and Louis Tully (played by Rick Moranis) live on the 22nd floor, a.k.a. Spook Central.

Dana notices some inexplicable activity in her apartment - enter the Ghostbusters team to get to the bottom of things!

It turns out that a crazy Cult of Gozer chose the building as the location to build their super-conductive antenna and portal to bring forth the "divine" master Gozer in its Destructor Form (the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man).

As you can see, in real life the building is shorter. The script called for 27 floors, but the building is only 19 stories.

So the art department created paintings of the extra floors and the temple and used 'special effects' that in 1984 were cutting edge, but now seem ancient!  

Since the building is surrounded by other buildings, it has a less menacing appearance than in the movie.

Also, the church that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man crushes is still standing.

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Tavern on the Green  

Central Park West & West 67th Street

In an effort to escape from Gozer's demon dog, Louis runs through Central Park in the dark of night - something we do not recommend you do!

He ends up at the iconic restaurant Tavern on the Green and bangs on the glass furiously but the diners ignore him. He is then possessed by the dog. 

Tavern on the Green is a much-beloved NYC restaurant visited by people for very special occasions.

It has always been known for its garden ringed by twinkling lights and surrounded by life-size topiary in the shapes of animals.

Despite being such a renowned restaurant that served 700,000 meals annually, it closed in 2009. New owners purchased it and it reopened in 2014.

New York Public Library   


5th Avenue between 42nd and 40th Street 

The film's first scene takes place in one of New York City's most spectacular buildings - the New York Public Library.  

Here we get a first glimpse of the supernatural presence in NYC. The haunted stacks scene wasn't filmed in the actual library though.

The interior scenes set in the Public Library were filmed in the Los Angeles Central Library. Regardless, the Public Library is a must-see iconic building.

The inside is spectacular so take advantage of the free tours of the Public Library and see for yourself.

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Columbus Circle   

West 59th Street and Broadway

As you see from the map above, many scenes take place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

In the movie, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man crashes through Columbus Circle spreading fear and destruction in what is a pretty lovely place in reality.

Columbus Circle is at the Southwest entrance to Central Park.

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Take a stroll inside with our self-guided map of Central Park or join us for a walking or bike tour.

Try our Self-Guided Tour of Hell's Kitchen, a popular neighborhood with great, inexpensive restaurants.

Columbia University

After the incident at the library, Peter, Egon, and Ray get fired from the Parapsychology Department at their university.

The below scene was filmed on the campus of the country's most prestigious universities - though, perhaps sadly, they do not have a Parapsychology Department.

As they drink booze from a flask outside of Weaver Hall (in real life it is Havemeyer Hall, home to science and math classes), they hatch their plan to become paranormal investigators for hire.

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Rockefeller Center

5th Avenue between W. 49th and W. 50th Streets 

After the team's successful battle with Slimer, they start getting a lot of business.  

They get a call for assistance and hop in the Ecto I and speed through the streets up to Rockefeller Center.

You can see them exiting the complex past the bronze statue of Prometheus.

According to a Time Out 2014 interview with director Ivan Reitman, Rockefeller Center's management would not give their permission for the film shoot.

That didn't stop them from filming there anyway. Reitman said, "We just pulled up in two vans, and I said to the guys, “Run all the way down there, and when you get to the end, just start running back.”  

They luckily got in one good film take before Rockefeller Center security guards caught on.

Reitman recalls he simply said "'Oh, we’re sorry, we thought this was public land. We just got back in the vans and left.'"

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Times Square

42nd Street at Broadway


While it is impossible to not see Times Square at night, it's easy to miss its appearance in Ghostbusters.

After Dana is possessed by Zuul, she sends out a seductive signal to Louis, now possessed by Vinz Clortho, who is wandering through the city.

He hears Dana/Zuul's signal while walking through Times Square and begins to make his way to the apartment.

For some reason, the directors chose not to highlight the location in this scene, but for those familiar with New York City, you know it is Times Square because you can see in the left of the frame the base of the statue of George M. Cohan.

You can also just barely make out the big red letters of the TKTS sign in the top right of the frame.

Note: If you plan to see a Broadway show, you should read our post about how to save money on tickets at the TKTS booth and other ways to get cheap tickets to Broadway shows.

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City Hall 

Inside City Hall Park, located between Broadway and Park Row just south of Chambers Street

As ghosts have begun to run rampant through the city, the Mayor calls in the team to find out more about the situation that has grown out of hand.

In the movie you see them running up the steps of City Hall and meet with the frantic Mayor.

Ray warns the Mayor that the city is headed for a disaster of "biblical proportions."

Venkman tells the Mayor that if he lends his support to the team, he would be saving the lives of millions of registered voters.

The Mayor offers whatever support he can to the Ghostbusters.

It is highly doubtful that in 1812, when City Hall was built, the Mayor or anyone else, in fact, could imagine a giant marshmallow man wreaking havoc through the city.

The marshmallow hadn't even been invented yet!

You could take a tour of City Hall.

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National Museum of the American Indian   

One Bowling Green


In Ghostbusters II, the team is called in to investigate paranormal activity beneath the Manhattan Art Museum.

No such museum exists, so the filmmakers used the exterior of the National Museum of the American Indian.

This museum has a long and interesting history, in addition to being a beautiful Beaux-Arts building worth seeing up close.

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Statue of Liberty

In Ghostbusters II, the crew uses the Statue of Liberty to fight the slime threatening to take over the city.

After a series of obstacles, the Ghostbusters need to find a way to uplift the city’s morale as they battle with slime rising in the streets. 

Using slime charged with positivity, they bring Lady of Liberty to life who walks through the streets filled with cheering citizens.

At the museum, the Ghostbusters use the Statue's torch to crash through the ceiling, stopping Vigo, Janosz, and Dana from succeeding and New York City is saved!

One of the funniest exchanges of the movie between Venkman and Zeddemore goes like this:

Venkman  - “Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” 

Zeddemore - “Wonder what?”

Venkman - “Whether she’s naked under that toga. She is French. You know that.”

If you want to see Lady Liberty in real life, check out our post, Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Immigration Museum.


If you prefer to visit these sites on a guided tour, On Location Tours offers an NYC TV and Movie Tour, which includes Ghostbusters locations.  

Some of the tours are included in the money-saving New York Pass and Explorer Pass.

Find out more from our post, Is a Tourist Attraction Pass Right for You?


The answers were 100% positive. Plus, the chance to buy souvenirs and take pictures made it extra special.

With so many amazing things to do in New York City, it was surprising to hear that for some people it was a highlight of their trip!

People commented on how great the firemen at the station were, and welcoming when they weren't getting ready to go on a run.

This group member had an exceptionally good time and said it didn't take hardly any time out of his schedule for the day.

Group members made sure to point out that it is a working firehouse and visitors should be prepared for that and they may not be able to accommodate your visit.

Even if it is closed, it can still be worthwhile since you can snap some great photos!

Group members mentioned that there was plenty more to do in the area so include the Firehouse as part of your exploration of Lower Manhattan.

Head to the National September 11th Memorial and Museum, One World Observatory (aka Freedom Tower), the World Trade Center and the Oculus.

You can take a walk through Tribeca, a cool neighborhood with interesting architecture and history, as well as yummy restaurants.

Bubby's is a MUST! But make reservations.

Haven’t picked dates for your trip NYC yet? Ghostbusters die-hard fans, book for Halloween!

For more helpful advice on any NYC topic, check out our New York City Travel Tips group on Facebook.

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Updated: April 19th, 2024
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