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Things to Do in Berlin in October

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The following post will cover some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy in Berlin during the month of October.

We will also include sections with things to do either for free, with the family or at night.


This section will provide ten of the best attractions and events to enjoy in Berlin this October.

In addition to all of these activities, you may also want to consider exploring the city on one of the following guided excursions:

It’s also worth noting that several of the items below are already included for free or at a discount with the purchase of a tourist discount pass.

1. Explore the City on a Walking Tour

If you want to learn about the history of Berlin and see some of the most significant landmarks, there’s no better way to discover the city than by taking a walking tour.

Berlin Walking Tours

There are tours covering a variety of different subjects and areas including the following:

Visitors can choose between either professionally guided or self-guided tours, making this one of the most affordable activities in Berlin.

Even the most expensive outings are usually less than €20 per person!

2. Go to a Concert

Berlin is one of the biggest global markets for concerts, so there are usually at least a handful of musicians performing in the city each month

October 2022 will be a bit different, as the world is still in the process of getting back to normal following the pandemic.

Find all the concerts in Berlin here.

NOTE: There will also be several music festivals taking place this month which you can learn more about in our things to do at night section.

3. Attend a Football Game

When it comes to competitive sports, football (soccer) is probably the most popular sporting event in Berlin.

This city is home to two notable teams who will be hosting matches this October:

You should be able to get tickets through the links above, but if not, we recommend purchasing them directly from the club.

Even if you don’t typically consider yourself a fan of the sport, you may want to attend a match simply to see how excited the crowd gets over their home team.

This is also an excellent opportunity to visit the historic Olympic Stadium, as Hertha BSC actually plays there. 

If you’re interested in learning about the history of the structure, make sure to read our post about taking a tour of Olympic Stadium.

4. Visit the Berlin Dungeon

With Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't possibly be a better time to visit the Berlin Dungeon.

This attraction is like a cross between a haunted house and a ghost tour. As you walk through the dungeon, you'll learn about and hear disturbing stories from Berlin's past.

Professional actors actually play notable figures such as the serial killer Carl Grossman and the White Lady, telling their stories from their own perspective.

Purchase tickets or learn more.

TIP: Save 30% off tickets using the Berlin WelcomeCard.

5. Celebreate Oktoberfest or Go on a Pub Crawl/Beer Tour

Oktoberfest celebrations take place over September and October. For more information about actvities throughout the city, click here.

There are other fun ways to celebrate German history and drink German beer as well.

The first option is to go out on a Berlin Pub Crawl and experience some of the best pubs in the city from the perspective of a local.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the best brews in this city, consider a Private Beer Tour instead!

For even more options, check our post covering Berlin's best pub crawls.

NOTE: You can save 25% off at Berliner Republik and MacLaren's Pub using the Berlin WelcomeCard.

7. Celebrate the Day of German Unity

On October 3rd, the whole of Germany celebrates the reunification of their country. While the Berlin Wall once divided the country, it was made whole once again over 25 years ago. 

In celebration of this historic moment, many events are held near the wall and other notable landmarks.

German Unity Day is a great time to visit some of the most historic locations in Berlin. Here are a few ideas for how to celebrate this event:

7. Enjoy Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day

It typically rains throughout almost half of October in Berlin, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying yourself.

Rather than stay inside and miss out on a fun day in the city, we recommend visiting one or more of these popular indoor attractions:

The best thing about almost all of these locations is that they are also included with various Berlin tourist passes, which means you can save a lot of money on tickets!

8. Experience the Festival of Lights

If you’re wondering when to take a night tour of Berlin, October is a pretty good time to do it. 

During the Festival of Lights, in 2022 from October 7th through 16th, several notable landmarks and sites are lit up with a variety of projected images that bring new life to the city after dark.

There are two walking routes you can take to get the most out of this festival, but you may also want to consider taking a boat tour. 

Many of the locations included in this event are alongside the river, and there are a few companies who provide special boat tours during the Festival of Lights.

For more details on the opportunity to take a specialty cruise, make sure to read our post about Berlin boat tours.

If you’re looking for more fun activities after dark, make sure to check our section covering things to do at night.

9. Go to a Cemetery

If you’re looking for something spooky to do in celebration of Halloween, there are several historic cemeteries in Berlin that are free to visit.

In addition to the creepy atmosphere, it’s worth noting that this city was the final resting place of several historic figures.

If you look closely, you may even find the gravestones of the following people:

Even if you’re not interested in visiting to celebrate Halloween, you may want to consider exploring a cemetery simply to get a sense of the history of Berlin.

If you’re looking for even more fun activities that won’t cost a thing, make sure to check our section on free things to do this October.

10. Save Money With a Tourist Pass

Some of the best attractions in Berlin are included with tourist attraction discount passes. Depending on how you use these services, you might be able to save 50% or more off general admission prices.

While some passes will give you access to dozens of popular locations for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days at a time, others offer 25%-50% off discounts on hundreds of activities.

There is also a Berlin museum pass which provides admission to 50 different museums for one low price.

Many of these services also include skip-the-line access at notable landmarks.

Here are a few of the best attractions included with Berlin tourist passes:

If you’re looking for more details about how to save money with these services, please read our post covering Berlin tourist attraction discount passes.


The following section will cover some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy for free in Berlin during the month of October.

You may also want to take a look at our other sections for free things to do such as visiting a cemetery, seeing the festival of lights, celebrating Oktoberfest, taking a self-guided walking tour, and going to the Bridgestone Great 10K race.

Check our full post on free things to do in Berlin for even more great ideas.

DATES NOT YET RELEASED FOR 2022: Enjoy the Light Show of Berlin Leuchtet

Believe it or not, there are actually two festivals during this month which seek to light up the city.

The most popular event is the Festival of Lights, but Berlin Leuchtet actually begins earlier and lasts longer. 

Many popular landmarks and historic locations in the city will be lit up as part of this celebration.

Much like the Festival of Light, there are tours you can take during Berlin Leuchtet which will allow you to see many of the participating buildings and sites.

That said, it doesn’t technically cost anything to enjoy this activity; all you have to do is walk around and see the historic sites included in this event!

For other ways to see the sites during an event, make sure to check our post about Berlin event cruise services.

See the City from the Reichstag Dome

Although the TV Tower and Panoramapunkt aren’t free to visit, you can get a good view of Berlin simply by visiting the Reichstag Dome instead.

Tickets to the Reichstag don’t cost a thing, all you have to do is reserve them ahead of time. Even if you’re looking for same-day tickets, there are still other options to consider.

This is one of the most historic sites in the entire city, and it’s also the location of a dome which provides one of the best views in all of Berlin.

If you manage to get a nice, sunny day in October, this would be a great place to visit for both the view and the history.

For more details, make sure to read our post about getting tickets to the Reichstag Dome.

TIP: Both Panoramapunkt and TV Tower are included for free or at a discount with one or more Berlin tourist passes.

Visit a Free Museum

As with most big cities, Berlin is home to several museums that are entirely free to visit.

While some locations are always free, others only provide free entry on certain days and at specific times.

The following list represents just a handful of the museums and historic sites that offer admission to everyone at no charge:

  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Anti-War Museum
  • Allied Museum
  • Lichtenberg Museum
  • Sportmuseum Berlin
  • Topography of Terror
  • Tempelhof Museum
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Mitte Museum

For more details about these and other locations that don’t cost a thing to visit, make sure to read this list of Berlin museums with free entry.

Check Out an Abandoned Amusement Park

Aside from visiting a cemetery, this might be one of the better spooky activities you can enjoy in Berlin which doesn’t cost anything.

Spreepark is an old, abandoned amusement park located at the edge of Treptower Park along the River Spree.

Although it’s technically not legal to enter the park, there are efforts being made to bring new life to the area now that it has become something of a tourist destination.

With plans in the works to offer tours of Spreepark, there should be no problem with taking a look around and/or simply taking a look from the outside.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by checking out a creepy old amusement park?

For more details, make sure to read our post about Spreepark.


In this section, we will provide a selection of excellent activities you can enjoy after dark throughout the month of October in Berlin.

Don’t forget to check our other sections for even more ideas such as the Festival of Lights, Berlin Leuchtet, musicals, concerts, Berlin Dungeon and more.

You’ll find even more great things to do after the sun goes down on our post covering nighttime activities in Berlin.

Go to the Berlin Burlesque Festival

If you’re looking for an adult activity you can enjoy with a significant other, the 10th Annual Berlin Burlesque Festival might spark some interest. 

This event will invite the best burlesque dancers, acrobats and other performers to show off their talents – and more – to the crowd. 

Shows will take place across three nights in the middle of October.

All of the shows for the Berlin Burlesque Festival will begin at 9 pm or later, making this an excellent activity for adults to enjoy at night.

Go to the Berlin Magic Museum

Also known as the Magicum, this is an interactive museum with several interesting exhibits based on the roots of magic.

In the aim of revealing some of the history behind misdirection, this location includes artifacts and information about some of the darker subjects such as witchcraft, love potions, the occult and more.

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s no better time to learn about the surprisingly creepy history of the magical world.

Best of all, the Berlin Magic Museum is open until 8 pm each night, allowing you to get a good look around after dark.

Tickets to this museum are included with at least one Berlin tourist pass.

Experience Venus Berlin

Have you ever been interested in fashion or wondered what it would be like to see runway models showing off the latest designs? If so, Venus Berlin is an event you will definitely want to attend.

Unlike other fashion shows, everyone is welcome to see Venus Berlin – and another important difference to note is that this show is actually focused on the latest in erotic entertainment and lifestyle!

In other words, this is an activity that is most definitely not family-friendly. That said, it could be a lot of fun for anyone with an open mind.


The following section will explore some of the best family attractions and events in Berlin during the month of October.

Please check our other sections for even more great ideas like going to an abandoned amusement park, visiting a free museum, experiencing the festival of lights, celebrating Oktoberfest and more.

Take the Kids too Babelsberg Film Park

Although Halloween isn’t as popular in Berlin as in other parts of the world, there are a few events held in October to celebrate the holiday.

One fun activity takes place at Babelsberg Film Park on October 31st, 2020. Their Kinder Halloween event includes loads of hands-on activites and workshops for children.

This event is included with general admission, so you won’t have to pay anything extra to enjoy the activity. Hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

This all takes place surrounded by halloween decor, spooky creatures, and lots of pumpkin lanterns.

Explore LEGOLAND With the Kids

Who doesn’t love LEGO? They’re the best building blocks in the world! Berlin is home to one of the original LEGOLAND Discovery Centres.

This is similar to an amusement park because there are a variety of rides and even a 4D cinema which screens short films based on the world of LEGO.

There are also play areas which allow kids to build with LEGO to their heart’s content and even a shop where you can get your own LEGO sets.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is open from 10:00 am - 19:00 (7 pm) each day, giving visitors plenty of time to enjoy the attraction.

NOTE: Admission to LEGOLAND is included with some Berlin tourist passes.

Fly a Kite

If it’s a particularly windy day in Berlin, you may want to consider heading out to a public park and flying a kite. 

Tempelhofer Field is a pretty popular place for kite flying due to the wide open spaces that are available, allowing you or your kids to run around and catch the wind. 

This will require you to either purchase, make or bring a kite along with you, but other than that expense, the activity itself is entirely free!

TIP: Tempelhofer Field was once a historic airport, but has since been transformed into a public park. If you want to learn more about the location while you’re in the area, consider taking a Tempelhof Airport tour.

Go to a Kid-Friendly Museum

In addition to all the free museums, there are also several family-friendly museums in Berlin which cover a variety of topics.

Many of these locations are Children’s museums aimed entirely at a younger audience and providing many wonderful opportunities for kids to learn through hands-on experiences.

Other museums are simply well suited to a family audience with plenty of exhibits, artifacts and activities that both children and their parents can enjoy.

Here are a few of the better family-friendly museums in Berlin:

  • Labyrinth Children’s Museum
  • MACHmit! Museum for Children
  • Puppet Theatre Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of Technology
  • Science Center Spectrum
  • Computer Game Museum
  • And more!

TIP: Some of these museums are included with the Berlin Museum Pass. This could be a good way to save money on admission if you plan to visit more than one museum!


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