Which Berlin Bike Tours Are Best?

This post reviews and compares the various different Berlin bike tours available to you.  Believe it or not, there are quite a few guided bike tours in English – not only in the city center, but also in more remote neighborhoods.   Some providers specialize in bike tours, while others offer walking tours as well. Most of these tour companies have bicycles available for rent, and some offer the additional helmet or child’s seat as well. Depending on which service you choose, you may also have the option to rent out electric bikes or tandem bikes for a more interesting experience. A majority of these tours are offered less frequently during the winter. Ticket prices typically range from €20-€30 on average, but sometimes prices drop even lower.

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Berlin in 1 Day Tours

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Electric Bike Tours


Some companies also offer tours in languages such as Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and French. Tours offered in languages other than German or English typically aren’t offered very frequently, so you may want to reserve a spot well in advance.

Each of the following services is very well rated, with most customers agreeing that their Berlin bike tours are absolutely excellent. According to reviewers, these treks around the city are perfect for couples and guests who bring a friend along for the ride. If you have your own bike, you may be able to save between €5-€10 on some of these tours. Riders who live in the area should consider this before buying their ticket.



There is a lot of history behind this city, and an efficient way to see it all is to take a tour which explores all of the most important landmarks. Rather than focusing on just one subject, a Berlin overview tour will introduce you to a variety of significant locations. Some of the most common sites you will visit include the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. You can typically expect ticket prices to vary from around €20 – €30 per person.


Fat Tire Bike Tours

This is one of the most popular bike tour services in Berlin. Their Day City Tour examines some of the most historic sites in the area. Over the course of 4 ½ hours, you’ll discover significant landmarks such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall. Your guide for this journey speaks English, opening the trek up to a much wider audience. This trip is offered up to four times a day during the warmer months, but in the winter they only offer one tour per day.

Ticket Prices


With a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews), it’s pretty clear that most people love Fat Tire tours. They have received a few criticisms from unhappy customers, but the bulk of their reviews are extremely favorable. Ratings for their city tour in particular are all very positive. Most guests leave excellent comments about their tour guides, noting that they were very helpful and informative. Couples were the most likely audience to enjoy this trip around Berlin.


Berlin on Bike

If you’re looking for a slightly shorter bike tour, this is an excellent option. Clocking in at a total of 3 ½ hours, this trip won’t take as long to complete, but you’ll still have the opportunity to visit a lot of important locations. See sites such as the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial while a professional guide provides commentary about each landmark on your outing. This tour is available in English, German, Dutch and French. Availability depends upon the language you wish to hear.

Ticket Prices

  • English and German Tours: €21 for Adults | €18 for Students/Children
  • Dutch and French Tours:     €25 for Adults | €22 for Students/Children
  • More information or to book.

Berlin on Bike also enjoys a 5  out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews). Although they’ve received a few unfavorable reviews, most of the comments provided by their customers are very positive. Several guests were very impressed with their guides, implying that they were great storytellers with a lot of valuable information about Berlin. Most visitors were very happy with the amount of history they learned about on this tour. Travelers who joined either their friends or significant others were most pleasantly surprised by this trip.


Berlin Bike Tours

Although their name may be generic, this company is still well known for providing excellent bike tours around Berlin. Much like their competitors, they also offer a 3 ½ hour tour focused on the city and its notable history. In addition to visiting sites such as the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, you’ll also explore locations like the Red Town Hall and the East German World Clock. This trip is provided in both English and German, but availability is far more limited than with similar services. That being said, Berlin Bike Tours focuses on smaller group sizes, making this a better option for anyone who wants to avoid large groups.

Ticket Prices

This company currently sports a full 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews). They have received a few negative reviews, but an overwhelming majority of their guests were very impressed with this tour. Many customers were pleasantly surprised with their tour guides, indicating that they were knowledgeable and friendly. Others were happy with the smaller group sizes, noting that the experience felt a lot more personal. This trip was most popular among couples, but it was also a hit with people who joined their friends and family for the ride.


Free Berlin Bike Tours

Despite a name which implies that they provide a free service, this company actually does charge for their bike tours. Thankfully, their prices are very reasonable and more affordable than some of the other options on our list. Their Berlin overview tour includes a visit to the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. At a total running time of 3 hours, this trip won’t take half a day to complete. This company also offers bike rentals for anyone who wants to go on their own self guided tour. Alternatively, you can save money on this excursion by bringing your own bicycle.

Ticket Prices

  • €19 for Adults | €14 for Students/Disabled | Kids pay only €8 for the bike rental
  • Save €5 when you bring your own bike.
  • More information or to book.

Just like all of their competitors, Free Berlin Bike Tours also has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see the reviews). They’ve only received a few negative reviews, and none of them appear to directly reference this specific tour. Most customers who took this trip were very pleased with the amount of information provided by their tour guides. Some visitors felt they had become totally absorbed in the culture within just a few short hours. This bike tour was incredibly well received by guests who were joined by a friend.


I ♥ Berlin Tours

Berlin-bike-tours-MitteAlthough they only provide this one bike tour, it’s a pretty good alternative to the services we’ve already listed. Unlike some of their competitors, this company offers commentary in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. With so many different language options, this trip will be a lot more accessible for international audiences. The duration of this trek is approximately 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to see sites such as Hitler’s Bunker, Red Town Hall and Checkpoint Charlie.

Ticket Prices

I ♥ Berlin currently has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor (see the reviews). As a matter of fact, only one of their customers has seen fit to give them a negative review, indicating that they run a pretty good circuit around the city. Reviews for their bike tour are typically very good, and most guests took the time to show appreciation for their friendly and intelligent tour guides. This trip was especially popular among couples, families, and visitors who went with a friend.



The name of this company may sound a bit more German than the rest, but that doesn’t mean their commentary is limited to only one language. Actually, Fahrradstation provides guided bike tours in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Unfortunately, although they are definitely more accessible for international audiences, their service only runs from April–October. That being said, this may in fact be the most affordable Berlin bike tour on our list. Much like their competitors, you can expect this trip to last for approximately 3 hours.

Ticket Prices

With a 4 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor, it’s safe to say that Fahrradstation is a fairly competent tour company. Unfortunately, they have received a handful of poor reviews from unhappy customers. Most of the negative comments focus on their bike rentals, while those who left positive criticisms were more focused on their bike tours. Several guests reported that they had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit about Berlin along the way. Visitors who went on this journey with their friends were more likely to give the company a good score.


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The city of Berlin played a defining role during the events of World War II. Believe it or not, many of the significant locations tied to the this moment in history are still standing to this very day. If you’re interested in learning more about the Third Reich, there are a few bike tours which focus on landmarks such as Hitler’s Bunker, the Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial. Each trip is offered by one of the companies listed above, so ticket prices will typically fall in the same range at an average price of €20-€30 per person. For more detailed information, make sure to visit our overview of Third Reich tours.



Fat Tire Bike Tours – This company provides a lot of different outings, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also offer a Third Reich tour. This excursion lasts for approximately 5 hours and it is very well rated.

Free Berlin Bike Tours – Although it isn’t exclusively focused on the history of Nazi Germany, this tour does include a visit to Hitler’s bunker and a few other significant Third Reich locations. This trip will also take you past remnants of the Berlin Wall. With a run time of about 3 hours, tickets are much cheaper at about €19 per person.


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Visiting the remnants of the Berlin Wall is one of the most popular activities in Berlin. Needless to say, most bike tour companies in the area offer some kind of trip to the wall. Most of these outings are focused on Cold War history, but some simply explore important sites and memorials. Tour guides will typically spend some time telling stories of harrowing escape attempts, bringing history to life for their guests. Expect ticket prices to fall in line with other Berlin bike tours at an average of €25-€30 per customer. Additional information can be found on our overview of Cold War tours.



Fat Tire Bike Tours – Visit the Berlin Wall and hear some of the most incredible tales about its history. Clocking in at 4 ½ hours, you’ll cover more than 5 km of area where the wall once stood. Ratings for this trip are very good and ticket prices start at €28 each.

Free Berlin Bike Tours – This is the same tour which focuses on the history of the Third Reich. At only 3 hours in length, the trip is much shorter and most likely won’t include as many stops as the outing offered by their competitors. That being said, the ticket price is fair at €19 and you will get to see the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Bike Tour – In addition to their standard Berlin overview tour, this company also provides a trip which explores the Berlin Wall and its history. Learn about some of the people who once tried to escape and discover significant locations such as Checkpoint Charlie. This trek will take about 4 hours to complete and tickets will cost €27 for adults.

Berlin on Bike – This company offers a trip specifically dedicated to learning about the Berlin Wall. Discover the history behind this structure and see the traces it has left behind over time. The journey will take roughly 3 ½ hours to complete and tickets will run you about €21.

Fahrradstation – On their “Divided, United, Changed” tour, this company will take you to sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial, the East Side Gallery, and Checkpoint Charlie. While cycling through each neighborhood, a guide will point out how things have changed as a result of the Cold War. This 3 hour Cold War bike tour is the cheapest on our list at only €18 per ticket.


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Anyone can take a tour of the Berlin Wall or see all of the most popular sites in the city, but what about everything else? There are a lot of historically significant and interesting aspects about Berlin that often get neglected on even the best of tours. Thankfully, many of the popular bike tour companies in this city offer alternative trips which explore the fabulous street art, restaurants, marketplaces and clubs that contribute to the flavor of Berlin’s community. Expect prices to range from €15-€30 per ticket.



Fat Tire Bike Tours

In addition to all of the more traditional excursions they offer, this company also provides an alternative bike tour of Kreuzberg and Tempelhof. Of course, if you really want to taste the flavor of Berlin, you might also want to consider their food tour. Each of these options is fairly unique, giving guests a more engrossing experience in the city. Although tickets are a bit more pricey for the culinary exploration, it’s nice that Fat Tire at least caters to visitors who might be craving a different kind of trip. While their main alternative tour runs about 3 ½ hours, the food tour offers even more bang for your buck at 4 ½ – 5 hours in length.

Alternative Berlin Bike Tour

Evening Food Tour

Like their other tours mentioned above, reviews for each of these bike tours are also quite positive. Everyone who mentioned their trip to Kreuzberg indicated that they had a wonderful time learning all about the counter-culture that exists in Berlin. Some visitors who went on the food tour also remarked that they learned quite a lot about the city while riding from one restaurant or cafe to the next. Fat Tire’s alternative tours are very popular with couples, but guests who joined their friends for the journey were even more likely to leave a glowing review.


Berlin on Bike

Outclassing their competitors, this company actually offers four different bike tours which will take you off the beaten path. One of these options is actually a night tour, allowing you to explore Berlin after dark with the help of a professional guide. Other trips will take you to locations such as Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, revealing some of the most magnificent street art and graffiti that the world has ever seen. Berlin on Bike also beats most of their competition on price, offering each of these adventures at an affordable cost. Each tour is roughly 3 ½ hours in length.

Ticket Prices

Each of the following tours costs the same price.

  • €21 for Adults | €18 for Students/Children

Alternative Berlin by Bike
Oases of Berlin
Berlin by Night
Berlin Street Art Tour

Reviews for these services are almost entirely positive. Some visitors suggested that alternative tours can be an excellent way to compliment the typical experience that tourists will have in Berlin. Several guests were very pleased with their guides and enjoyed the street art on display in all of the different neighborhoods. Many customers appreciated the opportunity to see sites that aren’t always included with your typical tour. Although these trips are usually most popular with couples, it’s worth noting that quite a few people who joined their families were impressed with these interesting bike rides around the city.


Berlin Bike Tours

berlin-bike-toursIf you’re looking for an alternative bike tour aimed at smaller groups, this company has a few opportunities worth mentioning. In total, they offer three different trips around Berlin which will take you off the beaten path. Visit locations such as Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg while discovering some of the oft ignored but incredibly important landmarks found all over the city. Each excursion has a max of between 8-12 people per tour and lasts for between 3-4 hours. Ticket prices range from $16-$26 per person.

Wild Kreuzberg Tour

  • $16.36 for Adults | $14.18 for Children | Offered in English and German

Undiscovered Berlin Tour

  • $29.45 for Adults | $21.81 for Children | Offered in English and German

Prenzlauer Berg Tour

  • $26.17 for Adults | $21.81 for Children | Only available on Saturday

As we mentioned before, reviews for this service are very good. Customers who took one of these alternative bike tours typically reported that their tour guide was very helpful and informative. Several comments indicate that these trips are a great way to see a side of Berlin that most visitors don’t get to experience. It’s also worth noting that quite a few customers appreciated the smaller group sizes. Berlin Bike Tours are popular with guests who either join their friends or significant others.


Free Berlin Bike Tours

Although they don’t offer as many alternative bike tours as their competitors, the following outings seek to reveal a side of Berlin that few travelers ever discover. One tour focuses on the unique counter-culture of this city while the other trip reveals some of the most interesting areas that typical tour groups will miss. Visit neighborhoods such as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Treptow. Ticket prices are the same for all of their services, so an abnormal trek will cost the same as a typical overview tour.

Ticket Prices

€19 for Adults | €14 for Students/Disabled | Kids pay only €8 for the bike rental | Save €5 when you bring your own bike

Poor, But Sexy Berlin Tour

Top Secret Berlin Bike Tour

All of the reviews for these bike tours are incredibly positive. One guest even decided to take both tours in one day, reporting that their experience was wonderful and they learned a lot about the city. Several visitors were very pleased with their tour guides, indicating they were both attentive and informative. Other customers appreciated all of the incredible sites they saw, suggesting that they probably wouldn’t have seen them without the help of an alternative journey through Berlin.


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If you’re not in the mood to do a lot of pedaling, consider an electric bike tour instead. Although renting one of these vehicles can cost a bit more, it’s definitely a better option for some travelers. While some of the services we’ve already mentioned provide the option to rent an e-bike instead of a regular bicycle, others offer tours specifically for e-cyclists. Ticket prices typically range from €40-€50 per guest.



Fat Tire Bike Tours

This appears to be one of the only tour companies which offers a trek specifically designed for riding e-bikes. Clocking in at 4 ½ – 5 ½ hours in length, you can expect this half-day bike tour to visit quite a few additional locations that you won’t see on the typical overview trip. See interesting sites such as Tiergarten, Kurfürstendamm and Tempelhof Airport as you easily travel around Berlin on an electric bike. Considering the length of this tour, the ticket prices are definitely fair.

Ticket Prices

  • E-Bike City Tour – €49 for Adults | Offered on Monday, Thursday and Saturday
  • E-Bike Express Tour – €35 for Adults | Offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday | Only 3 hours in length
  • E-Bike Rental – €25 for Adults | Perfect for self guided tours

Almost all of the reviews for this e-bike tour are overwhelmingly positive. There are two negative comments, but they aren’t indicative of any serious problems with Fat Tire Tours. Reviewers who mentioned their electric bikes were typically impressed with their experience. Some guests stated that this trek made it a lot easier to see several landmarks in Berlin while still having plenty of time for lunch. Couples were the most likely audience to enjoy this trip, but visitors who joined their friends were also pleased with the outing.


Free Berlin Bike Tours

Although this company doesn’t provide any e-bike excursions, they do allow customers to pay an extra fee to rent an electric bicycle for any of their tours. No matter what side of Berlin you want to see, it’s entirely possible to experience a wide variety of this city with very little pedaling. Cruise around with ease as you discover several historically important landmarks for a slight additional charge of only €20 per trip. This is actually more affordable than the half day opportunity offered by their competitors, but most of their bike tours are also much shorter in length.

Ticket Prices

  • €39 for Adults | €34 for Students/Disabled
  • More information or to book.

As we’ve already mentioned, Free Berlin Bike Tours has received a lot of positive reviews and currently enjoys a full 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews which specifically mention their e-bikes, so it’s difficult to say whether or not guests enjoyed this option. Chances are that anyone who took advantage of this opportunity was pleased with the experience, because they have yet to receive any negative comments referring to their electric bikes. These trips are particularly popular among visitors who either brought friends along for the ride or went with their significant others.


Berlin on Bike

Much like their competitors, you can expect Berlin on Bike to offer e-bikes to their customers. This option is typically only available for longer tours, but you may be able to work something out with them for shorter trips if need be. Unfortunately, they don’t really explain whether or not their electric bikes come with an additional surcharge or not, but it’s likely that they do. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to know that you’ll have the option of reserving an e-bike with this company. Make sure to reserve in advance if you want to make sure that they save a bike for you.

Sadly, it would appear that a majority of reviews for this service do not mention their e-bikes. That being said, we also haven’t seen any overly negative comments about these bicycles, so this is probably a fairly new offering. Unless their newest equipment is faulty in some way, there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t have any problems. Most people enjoy riding around town without the need to pedal a bike. In other words, it’s highly unlikely that this will be the one overly negative experience customers have with the company.

Ticket Prices




Original Europe Tours Berlin

If you’re looking for a bike tour that is legitimately free, this is going to be your best bet. Clocking in at only 2 ½ hours in length, this trip around Berlin will only focus on the main highlights of the city. That being said, you won’t have to pay a dime if you bring your own bike. Visitors who don’t have a bicycle can rent one for only €10,
which would still make this the most affordable Berlin bike tour. This trek only runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Since this is still a fairly new offering from Original Europe Tours, it shouldn’t be too surprising that they haven’t received a lot of reviews for the excursion. That being said, those who have reviewed this service so far left only positive ratings on TripAdvisor. Some guests complimented their guides, while others were simply happy to discover several important landmarks in Berlin without paying too much money. So far, this bike tour has been especially popular with couples.

Ticket Prices

  • €10 for bike rental | FREE if you bring your own bicycle

Enjoy the bicycle experience in Berlin!