Things To Do In London on a Rainy Day

Are you looking for things to do in London on a rainy day? It’s no secret that the weather in London can be rather unpredictable, but it wouldn’t be London without a little bit of rain! Although we get our fair share of glorious sunny days, there are also those that are wet, wet, wet. So what to do when the weather turns bad during your time in London? Read on for our list of things to do in London when it rains!

London National Gallery london james bondVisit a Museum or Gallery – London is full of museums that are fun for the whole family! Educational, entertaining, and dry, you’ve got a plethora to choose from. To decide which museum is best for you check out our blog posts on Free London Museums, or Museums in the City Centre of London, or maybe even London’s Medical Museums. For art fans here are our suggestions on Free Art Galleries in London or why not visit the National Gallery of Art.


Harry Potter Tour of LondonGo to Platform 9 ¾ – For Harry Potter fans from all over the world, Kings Cross Station is a must-visit destination. Platform 9 ¾ is available for witches and wizards to visit, as well as a great photo opportunity and fabulous gift shop perfect for true Potterheads. Read our blog on more Harry Potter locations in London.


London TowerVisit the Tower of London – The Tower of London is a mix of indoor and outdoors exhibitions but the doom and gloom of a rainy London day sets the perfect atmosphere for the historic, gruesome and fascinating Tower experience. Check out our guide to visiting The Tower of London.


Lock Yourself In…Then Try to Get Out! – One of the biggest activities to take London by storm over the last year has been locked-room escape games. Fun for visitors and Londoners alike, these companies will lock you and your friends into a room filled with clues, red herrings, puzzles and games and leave you to try to figure how to get out! Check out the two best ones around: Clue Quest & Hint Hunt.


See a Film – At the Prince Charles Cinema, guests can watch classics such as The Sound of Music or the Lion King while the entire audience sings along. At the IMAX, some of the largest cinema screens in the world display current hit films as well as 3D experiences aimed at both adults and children. Check out what’s on at: Prince Charles Cinema / IMAX.

Front view of Old Twinnings Tea Shop and Museum in LondonGo Shopping  – If you want to hit the major shopping district of Oxford Street, or you want to stroll through the glamourous halls of Harrod’s, London has plenty of shopping options for when the weather turns bad! Check out our list of the best places to shop in town.

Take Tea – A great way to while away a rainy afternoon is the classic British afternoon tea. Treat yourself to some silver service at places like Fortnum & Mason and take afternoon tea the traditional way – hours of luxurious eating, drinking, and chatting all while the rain pours down outside. See our post about afternoon tea in London or why not check out the Twinings Tea Shop in the City of London.

Rub Some Brass – Hidden away below St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church by Trafalgar Square sits the London Brass Rubbing Centre. With nearly 100 different brasses available to choose from, both kids and adults can rub images of medieval knights and ladies, fanciful creatures, religious figures, and even Shakespearian characters. Prices for brass rubbings depend on the size of your chosen piece but in general runs between £4.50 to £15.00 which means it’s a relatively inexpensive London experience. Get more info at their website: St. Martin-In-The-Fields

EyeDo What You Were Going to Do, Anyway!  – Bad weather means visitors will be following advice like the list we have set out above which means rainy days can be crowded museums, shops and pubs and empty attractions like The Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, River Thames boat tours, or walking tours. So if you’ve got your waterproof jacket and some warm shoes, just stick with your original plan! Chances are you may enjoy the benefit of fewer people and shorter queues wherever you go.

Go on a Tour!Our tours run rain or shine, so open up your umbrellas and come along! It’s really rare to have a day of non-stop constant rain…and even when we do, we’ll have a great time exploring the town together!