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Where to Stay in London

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There are thousands of London hotels to choose from. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed! We’re here to help.

This article will go through the best areas to stay in London, and help you find the right hotel for your needs.


We’ve broken down our London hotel recommendations by area.

These are very central neighbourhoods, well-connected by the London Underground (tube).

First, we tell you a bit about the area and what makes it unique and give you some examples of who might like to stay there.

Next, we list the most famous sights and attractions nearby.

We then break down some hotels into price ranges.

  • London Budget Hotels – Under £150 per night
  • Mid-Range London Hotels - £150 - £300 per night
  • Luxury London Hotels - £300 - £600 per night

*Prices are based on one midweek night in August, which is peak season. Rates may vary and will likely be lower during quieter times.

Finally, we make some niche recommendations, such as the best places to stay in London for families, where to stay in London for a spa break, and what London hotels have the best views. 

Why Trust Our Advice?

It's hard to know who to trust when you’re planning a trip to London.

But you can count on us because we spend all day, every day speaking with tourists as we guide expert walking tours.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about London hotels (and stayed in quite a few ourselves). 

Our guests tell us what they like about their hotel, and especially – what they don’t like.

We also learn a lot from our London Travel Tips Facebook Group. It has more than 25,000 active members!

London Travel Tips and Hacks

They make tons of comments packed with up-to-date hotel recommendations and detailed information, and they’re usually happy to answer specific questions.

You should join us for even more insider tips.

Where To Stay in London by Area

Below, you’ll find some of the best hotels in London, beloved by guests at all price ranges.

Of course, there are thousands of other great places to stay in London, but we simply can’t cover them all.

We’ve only covered a few of London’s legendary areas, so let us know if you would like a part 2 covering even more neighbourhoods!

Soho and Covent Garden

Jam Packed Full of Action!

If you want to be within walking distance to most of London’s iconic attractions and you also like nightlife, dining, and shopping, consider Soho or Covent Garden.

These are two areas that make up the theatre district known as the West End.

They both have a slightly different vibe – Soho is known for nightlife, while Covent Garden is all about shopping.

In Soho, you’ll also find Leicester Square and Chinatown. 

Check out our guide to Soho & Covent Garden.




For Families

Attractions in Soho and Covent Garden

You’re also within walking distance to Buckingham Palace, the Royal Parks, and the British Museum.

Victoria and Westminster

Fit for a King

Located just a short walk from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, you’ll find one of London’s busiest train stations – Victoria.

This is a great area to stay if you’re flying into Gatwick, as you can take the Gatwick Express.

There’s a great mix of walkability, theatre options, and dining around Victoria, and you’re close to Pimlico and increasingly cool Battersea as well.

Check out our guide to Westminster.




For Families

Attractions in Victoria and Westminster

Mayfair, Piccadilly, and St James

Sophistication and Luxury

If you crave something a little bit more tranquil and sophisticated, you might prefer these legendarily posh areas.

Mayfair is known for members-only clubs, embassies, and designer boutiques, while the small streets of St James are home to auction houses and 5-star hotels.

Piccadilly is the fashionable street that runs between the two areas.

These areas are close to major attractions – you’re really in the heart of Central London.

That said, it’s a lot quieter here at night than in Soho or Covent Garden!

Check out our guide to Mayfair, Piccadilly, and St James




For Families

Attractions in Mayfair, Piccadilly, and St James

The Southbank

River views, Kids’ Attractions, and Lots of Fun

Take in the sweeping vistas of London’s most famous attractions.

The Southbank affords you views of the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, The Savoy Hotel, the Tate Modern, The Tower of Lonon, London Bridge and many other sites.

Check out our guide to the Southbank.




For Families

Attractions on the Southbank

King’s Cross, Bloomsbury, and Holborn

Central and Convenient 

When you want to be in the centre of everything and close to great restaurants, world-famous museums, and leafy squares, you’ll love staying in Bloomsbury and Holborn.

King’s Cross itself can be a bit hectic, but it’s great if you’re planning to take the Eurostar to or from Paris from St Pancras (connected to King’s Cross). 

We love strolling the iconic Bloomsbury Squares and spending time in the British Museum, British Library, and Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Covent Garden and Soho are just a short walk away, and there are some massive hotels here with good value rooms. 

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For Families

Attractions in King’s Cross, Bloomsbury, and Holborn

Kensington and Earl’s Court

A classic favourite for hotels at all price points, Kensington and Earl’s Court are home to hundreds of places to stay in London.

When you stay in this area, you’re to the west of the Royal Parks, which means you’ll likely want to take the tube to most attractions.

That said, this can be a peaceful place to stay with lively pockets of restaurants and shopping.

It’s a quick journey to Soho and Westminster and incredibly convenient when coming from Heathrow.

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For Families

Attractions in Kensington and Earl’s Court

Paddington and Notting Hill

Whether you’re drawn here by the famous bear or the ‘90s rom-com, Paddington and nearby Notting Hill are both central and pleasant.

Home to the Paddington train station and plenty of hotels are varying price points; everyone can find a nice place to stay here that meets their needs. 

While there aren’t many famous attractions right in these areas, you’re a quick tube journey from all the major sights. 

Check out our guide to Paddington station and Notting Hill.




For Families

Attractions in Paddington and Notting Hill

Tower Bridge and the City

Romans, Castles, and Iconic Bridges

Tower Bridge and the City are the most easterly area on our list, but this is a wonderful place to stay if you love history.

Many of London’s most famous attractions are nearby, and it’s very tranquil at night and on weekends when the bankers go home!

Remember – when Londoners say, “the City” in London, we’re referring to an ancient area called “The City of London,” which is the one square mile Roman City of Londinium.

It’s home to the Tower of London and many crooked little lanes, but also the financial district and high rises such as the Gherkin.

Check out our guide to Tower Bridge.




For Families

Attractions in Tower and the City

Shoreditch and Spitalfields

Street Art, Food Trucks, and Markets

The East End was historically ‘rough,’ but for better or worse, it is now gentrified and filled with trendy cafes, Michelin-starred dining, and boutiques.

Steps from Liverpool Street Station and with a culture and life of its own, the East End is attracting more and more tourists every year.

Known for its markets, historic Jewish population, and current Bangladeshi culture, Brick Lane is famous for curries.

Old Spitalfields Market is a transformed working-class wholesale market, while Shoreditch is ever cool (and ever-rowdy on Fridays and Saturdays).

Let loose with a drink with the after-work crowd, take a street art or food tasting tour, and revel in the sheer ‘cool’ of these fashionable neighbourhoods. 

Check out our guide to Shoreditch and Spitalfields




For Families

Attractions in Shoreditch and Spitalfields

Where to Stay in London for Families

If you’re travelling to London with little ones, you’ll want to choose a hotel that suits the entire family’s needs.

It’s smart to book a hotel that is close to a London Underground Station, as some kids will complain mightily when forced to walk long distances!

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and pack band-aids (plasters in British English).

A family in Hyde Park. Image Source: Pixabay user Annie Bridie.

You want a lively and fun hotel that welcomes kids with open arms, but definitely not one that attracts the partiers.

Also, kids love swimming in hotel pools, and there are a few hotels with pools in London!

Why not book a hotel with a kitchenette so you can keep snacks and simple meals on hand?

Similarly, an included hotel breakfast can really help you save money. 

Look for hotels in Covent Garden, Tower Bridge, or the Southbank when booking – these areas are near fun attractions for kids and have a nice family vibe.  

The Most Recommended Hotels for Families in London

These centrally located hotels have a pool, include breakfast, and score more than 9/10 with guests. 

Budget-Friendly Hotels for Families in London

These hotels include breakfast and score higher than 8/10 with guests - they’re great for family vacations.

London Hotels with Special Features

Sometimes you’re most focused on location, while other times, it’s all about the amenities.

Here are some of the most common amenities people look for when trying to choose a London hotel.

Where to Stay in London for Peace and Quiet

Looking for a calm and soothing stay? These hotels offer peace and quiet to weary guests.

Where to Stay in London for the Best Hotel Spa

Hoping to relax? These 5-star hotels have epic spas offering a wide range of treatments.

Where to Stay in London with an Amazing Rooftop

Savvy, sophisticated, and sexy – enjoy sweeping views of London from these rooftop bars.

Where to Stay in London with a Great Afternoon Tea

The best afternoon teas don’t come cheap – these are some of the most luxurious hotels in London.

Where to Stay in London for the Best Value

We don’t always have endless budgets for our accommodation, but we still want lots of inclusions, like free breakfast.

These London hotels are in great locations and offer a lot of added value.  

Jessica O’Neill is a long-time London guide with Free Tours by Foot, and she’s also known as The Museum Guide.

Check out her museum tours on YouTube, and feel free to ask her questions about hotels on our London Travel Tips Facebook Group. She also helps plan London itineraries for tourists, so do get in touch. 

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An American simply by accident of birth, Margaret moved to London over 16 years ago and hasn’t looked back since! With a keen interest in History – and a BA degree to match – Margaret prides herself on her knowledge of the amazing city she calls home and she's been guiding here now for nearly a decade. Social history is her real expertise, with sound understanding of the day-to-day lives of Londoners over the past centuries.
Updated: December 7th, 2022
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